BREAKING: President Trump Leaves Walter Reed UPDATE: Back At Walter Reed


Trump Leaves Walter Reed

Earlier today the team of doctors treating President Trump for the Chinese Virus gave an optimistic press conference on the president’s health. They said President Trump was in good spirits, and there was even talk of him being able to go back to the White House as early as tomorrow.

Turns out President Trump’s condition was a lot better than even the doctors thought. President Trump left Walter Reed minutes ago via motorcade.

President Trump can be seen in the videos waving to the crowd of supporters that had begun gathering outside of Walter Reed when he was admitted on Friday.

The media has spent the last few days reporting via “anonymous sources” that President Trump’s health was worse than the White House was letting on. Many fake news outlets made it seem like President Trump was on death’s door. Indeed, several pundits openly wondered if continuity of government plans would need to be enacted while others were already declaring Nancy Pelosi president.

At this time it’s not clear whether President Trump is simply leaving Walter Reed for a rally or other campaign event or whether he’s heading back to the White House. Regardless of the reason, the fact that President Trump is leaving Walter Reed under his own power instead of a body bag has got to be triggering Leftists.

This is a developing story. Check back for any updates.

Update: Fox News is reporting that President Trump has returned to Walter Reed.


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