2020 – So tired of this year

Can we just fast forward to 2022?

What a gawd awful year 2020 has been!

2020 has brought us the Impeachment of Donald Trump in January. As that wrapped up on Feb 4, it threw the Covid – 19 pandemic at us. March gave us the shutdown of pretty much the entire country, making us shut ins and destroying the economy. The XFL league died halfway into its first season of play and the NCAA Basketball Tournament was cancelled.

April saw further loss in jobs due to the economic shutdown. Unemployed in total reached up to 40 million people by some estimates, a number not matched since the Great Depression. Baseball was cancelled. The NBA Playoffs fell victim to C-19.

The later part of May gave America little relief. The Memorial Day Holiday, a tribute to our dead Veterans, was lost to the ages. The lock downs did not allow for family gatherings that would generally have taken place.

May also provided us with the George Floyd riots, spreading across America. Cities were burning. Businesses looted. Protests beginning everywhere.

In June, some of the country began to open up gradually. But it was not enough to save large parts of the economy. Hotels and airports lost over 80% of business by then. Small mom and pop stores and restaurants would not reopen.

The George Floyd riots increased in intensity. BLM and AntiFa saw it as their chance to tear down America.

In July, there was much of the same. The 4th of July holiday, something that many Leftists already hated, had city and county celebrations cancelled. Family gatherings were still not allowed. Small businesses and traveled remained shuttered. The riots and looting continued.

August brought America more of the same. But it also added to the mix the true beginning of the election season. A time that was always rift with dissension and trouble would get far worse.

September saw things continue in its miserable form. Unemployment was decreasing, but still over 8%. 30 million people remained on some form of UI or PPP support. Jobs were slowly coming back, but large parts of the country remained shut down.

The good news would be that riots and looting were decreasing.

October is now ending. The debates have come and gone, with all the division that the media and pundits have created. America is further divided with probably no hope of coming together for a long time.

The Leftists have run amok, with no expectation that they will settle down. People are preparing for massive riots if/when President Trump is reelected to office. And the legal beagles are salivating at the thought of the Democrats contesting the election everywhere.

Frankly, I am EXHAUSTED by everything that has been going on. Mentally and physically. At this point in time, I just want for the election to be over, Covid to have completed its run, and the Democrats to SHUT THE HELL UP!

Unfortunately, 2021 is likely to be more of the same, except for the election. I am not prepared to deal with more of the same nonsense. So I ask………….

Can we just fast forward the rest of the year and all of 2021 and move on to 2022?


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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