Who runs the Minneapolis No-Go Zone?

No Justice, No Streets…

I found this story on the Floyd George No-Go Zone at the Minnesota Reformer, a liberal-leaning news site:

“There’s so many people here, it’s like a village,” says Marcia Howard, a 47-year-old mother who would normally be teaching high school but took a leave this fall to stay in “the zone,” as she calls it.

Howard has been in the square about 20 hours a day all summer. This morning at the daily meeting, she’s explaining to the group how they’re going to deal with the city from now on. How “Black and brown people” in the group are going to take the lead, and if anyone doesn’t like it, they can leave.

“It’s easy to say, ‘Listen to Black people,’ ” she says. “If you aren’t comfortable with Black women leading, step aside. We’ve tried it every other way.” 

The city seems to be looking for a “magical Negro” to help end the conflict, she says. Some in the group have even been offered jobs. “I think they think this is politics as usual,” she says. 

It’s not.

The group has been negotiating with city officials about ceding the intersection of Chicago Avenue and 38th Street, and several blocks surrounding it. 

In early August, city officials told them they were planning to reopen the intersection in phases, starting with 38th Street, and gave the group 24 hours to respond. 

Meet on the Street came back with a long list of demands in a “justice resolution,” which was later revised to include $156 million worth of programs over a decade. The city backed away from reopening. 

“It’s an occupied square. It’s a protest zone,” Howard says. “But it’s a community before it’s anything else. We maintain community — we forged it and sustain it through holding space, and feeding people and being here. I think we are providing a model for the city, let alone the country, of what it looks like when we put community first. It’s the community that brings a semblance of safety, and justice would guarantee it.”

The city has supported the zone with garbage and recycling removal, but police officers still stay out of the barricaded area unless called for emergencies, like the two shootings.

“They surround the area. I liken it to the Velociraptors at the electrified gate in Jurassic Park — they’re testing,” Howard says. “But right now, we hold the barricades.” 

Read The Whole Thing here.

I really don’t see how this ends without a riot.

When city cops are seen as  “the velociraptors” it doesn’t seem like there’s much room to work this out without violence.

It’s just a matter of the city taking action before The Election or after.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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