Where Is Joe Biden’s Stampede?

Where indeed…

Joe Biden's Stampede

President Trump hosted a rally Saturday evening in Reno, Nevada. The rally was, like most of Trump’s events, very well attended, with upwards of 3,000 people showing up to support their president. The crowd was so enthusiastic that there was a literal stampede of people rushing to try to get the best seats to see President Trump.

Leftists were predictably salty about the rock star levels of enthusiasm President Trump engenders among his supporters.

I highly doubt that any of these Leftists are concerned about anyone in the MAGA crowd contracting the Chinese Coronavirus. Most Leftists have spent the last six months of the pandemic wishing a horrible death upon President Trump and his supporters. The question then becomes what is driving the extreme saltiness we see here?

Contrast President Trump’s Nevada rally with any of former Vice President Joe Biden’s events. Most of Joe’s events have been highly scripted affairs sparsely attended by a handful of pre-approved, socially distanced reporters. Biden typically stumbles awkwardly through prepared remarks, awkwardly interacts with handpicked “supporters,” and often refuses to take questions directly from reporters.

Even Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick and the Sarah Palin to his John McCain, can’t escape the lethargy surrounding the campaign. Kamala traveled to Miami last week where she was met by a rather large crowd…of Trump supporters.

President Trump’s events are always well-attended, raucous affairs. Even Trump’s Tulsa rally boasted huge numbers despite the Democrat-led effort to sabotage it. President Trump inspires weekly, spontaneous boat parades that routinely boast hundreds or even thousands of boats. Some of these events, such as the South Carolina Trumptilla back in July, boasted more people than a typical Trump rally.

The only spontaneous event Joe Biden ever inspired was a small golf cart parade in The Villages.

Could it be that maybe, just maybe these Leftists are salty because they know all of the enthusiasm and momentum in this race is with President Trump?

I think we all know the answer to that.


Written by Radius

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