Sparta Weekend Open Thread Friday – Sunday

How does Joe dodge The Debates?

OK look, it’s been clear for awhile now that Joe was put on the ballot to be the pliable figurehead of what is essentially a Generic DNC Candidate/Harris ticket.

When this was decided I don’t think The Masters realized just how poor Joe’s health condition was so now they are stuck in a bind (or Binden if you please…)

With Debate One looming there has to be a panic going on about how do we call this thing off?

So the OT Question is:

What excuse does the DNC come up with to cancel the debates?

I think it’s going to be some form of “we can’t track Trump’s lies in real time so we’re out” and it will first be put out by a united MSM info blast and then the DNC will say “Oh gosh –  the consensus is we can’t give Trump a forum for mis-information, we’re outta here!”

Have at it Spartans!

You’ve got all weekend…


UPDATE: Are we falling into a trap lowering the bar for Biden?

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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