Sparta Monday – Thursday Open Thread

Seven Days In November

What I learned from eleven days Up North in The Woods:

Normal People really don’t give Shit One about politics.

Normal People think The China Virus is a Huge Crock of Shit but they play along with The Powers That Be because it’s not that big a deal and they have already found work-arounds so why draw attention?

Trump is going to carry everything outside the seven county Twin Cities metro, Duluth, Rochester and Mankato.

It won’t be enough cuz The Fraud.

Also, this from a former #NeverTrump:

It’s a link to a post about the Real Reason for the Veterans are Loozers nothing-burger:

As I discussed yesterday, in attacking President Trump for his alleged view of military service, the Democrats, via the mainstream media, have resorted to their 2004 playbook.

But there’s more going on with this line of attack in 2020 than there was 16 years ago. Back then, the Democrats and the MSM were just hunting military votes. This time, I think they are hunting more direct military support.

I think they believe that military intervention might determine who serves as president. The charitable version is that they fear a defeated Trump won’t leave the White House, thus requiring military action to remove him. Another version is that Democrats don’t intend to accept a Trump victory in a close election, and will want the military to help it oust a victorious Trump.




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