Is Team Biden setting a trap for President Trump?

Is Biden as bad as being reported?

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For the last few months, America has been subjected to the spectacle of Joe Biden running a campaign for President. The campaign has been the strangest campaign that I have even seen. For all appearances, there is no campaign.

During the run for the nomination, America was “treated” to numerous Democratic debates featuring Joe Biden. In them, he seemed “normal” except for being a bit “slow” at times. We were also subjected to numerous campaign appearances with the appropriate publicity that would accompany them.

Since March 17, it has been an entirely different campaign. Biden has remained “sequestered” in the basement of his home, only venturing out on rare occasions. The stated reason is fear of Covid-19, but is there something more?

When Biden does speak either though social media, the internet, or through video conferencing, he appears “unusual” in his speaking patterns compared to the past. Watching body behavior or eyes, it becomes apparent that Biden is not speaking spontaneously, but instead is using a teleprompter. And even then, he “cannot” get things rights, often engaging in the Biden misspeak he is so well known for.

When Biden does goes out into public events, the events are carefully scripted. Again the teleprompters are present to read canned answers from. Those answers come from pre-screened questions that reporters have previously submitted.

There may even be ear pieces in Biden’s ear so that he can receive the answers to questions for which to respond.

When there are unscripted moments in the campaign events, Biden gaffes quickly come to the forefront in the form of unintelligible comments and phrases.

Now, before us it tonight’s debate. The general consensus among conservatives and many moderates is that the debate will be a fiasco for Biden. There is simply no way he has the mental ability to debate President Trump.

Furthermore, the question arises why Biden is even running for President. For a man to be suffering from dementia as Biden appears to be, there is just no sane reason for the Democrats to be allowing him to be the Democratic candidate. Even if the idea is that Kamala Harris is the “stealth” Presidential candidate, it makes no sense. Why would Democrats run such a deluded individual?

What if the answer is that this is all a giant trap set up by the Democrats to trap President Trump?

President Trump is clearly the better stronger and better candidate. It is hard enough to defeat an incumbent candidate, but against a weak Joe Biden coming into the debate, it would be expected for the President to just wipe the floor with Biden.

The bar of expectations has been set so low for Biden, the act of showing up at all meets it for many people. To show decent mental acuity without besting President Trump would be exceeding expectations for many more people.

If Biden holds his own against Trump and shows no erratic behavior, then Biden will win the first debate no matter how he answers questions . The Trump advantage will disappear overnight, and the election will be a horse race.

After the first debate, there will be no reason for Biden to participate in another debate. He will already have proven what he needs to do, which would be showing that he has “reasonable mentally acuity and is stable.” Meanwhile, the media holds his water while he goes back into hiding.

Democrats have certainly gamed this scenario out. If they can get Biden through the debate in reasonably good shape, then they have a chance of winning the Presidency. If not, then their chances of winning go way down.

Is Biden as bad as he appears? Or have the Democrats been running a “misdirection” play designed to trap President Trump by showing up with a fully coherent Biden ready to debate.

We will know the answer to this in just a few short hours. And on the answer may very well hinge the fate of the Presidency and the country both. Only time will tell.




Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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