Hobby Lobby Spends Labor Day Triggering Leftists


Hobby Lobby is the arts and crafts store that Leftists love to hate. The fact that the store chain was founded by Christian owners and does its best to observe and uphold Christian values is enough for Hobby Lobby to earn the Left’s ire. What really caused the Left to lose their minds over Hobby Lobby, however, was the company’s battle against Obamacare’s contraception mandate-a battle which Hobby Lobby ultimately won.

The Left found a new reason to hate Hobby Lobby this past weekend, however, when one Twitter user posted a rather triggering picture of a particular arrangement of some of the items in their local store.

Hobby Lobby Scream
The horror!

Leftists immediately rushed to their virtual fainting couches to broadcast their two minutes of hate against the evil Christians of Hobby Lobby.

A mature, reasoned response that doesn’t inconvenience the poor store clerk who has to clean the mess up.

Personally, I prefer Hobby Lobby over Michaels. I’ve been a miniatures painter for many decades, and I’ve frequented both stores whenever I’ve needed to boost my painting supplies. I’ve always found Hobby Lobby to have a better selection and better prices than Michaels, although I did purchase my wet palette from Michaels.

Hobby Lobby palette
Best investment a painter can make…

I find it amusing that nearly all of the Leftists triggered over this Hobby Lobby display feel the need to crow about how they never shop at Hobby Lobby and about how they’re boycotting the store. What’s the point of boycotting a store that you just swore you would never shop at?

Virtue signalling, of course! You can’t just shout “I’m a Leftist” and call it a day. No, Leftism is something that requires constant work, and your Leftist credentials must be renewed much in the same way as your driver license. Expressing how shocked and appalled you are about the latest social media outrage is the easiest way to do it.

The question, though, is whether or not Hobby Lobby actually cares about this “boycott renewal.” Do the opinions of people who will never spend their money in one of their stores actually matter to Hobby Lobby? I highly doubt it.

As for me, I’m just sitting here wondering whether Hobby Lobby is open on Labor Day…


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