Gigi on all Sports – “Screw You!”

Gigi and Daddy PU have sworn off all sports

Hello Everyone!  This is Gigi. I have to get this off my “tail.” So sick of the entire mess!

I came home with Daddy PU in September of 2016. Since then, he and I have enjoyed watching all sorts of sporting events. Among them, the best were college football and basketball games.

Each Saturday and Sunday, we would stretch out on the couch and watch the important games of the week. There, I learned all about football and basketball. Of course, I would get belly rubs and ear scratches which made everything so much better. And to top it off, we could nap throughout the games, only getting up to eats snacks and other fun things.

Beginning in August of 2017, Daddy PU and I began to discuss the upcoming season. That led to us collaborating on writing weekly columns called PU Predicts. Such fun we had trying to pick out the winners of each game for the NCAA Football Top 25 teams.

I will admit that the first year, we were terrible. The only times we got the upsets right were when Daddy PU put the names of each team on pieces of paper and I selected the winner with my paw.

In 2018, we got much better and by 2019, we had really improved because we knew the team players and what to expect from each.

We were looking so forward to the coming season. The research had been done and we had just started to publish our picks. And then the different leagues began their “woke” agenda.

The NBA, the MLB, NFL and the NCAA announced that they would give in to the demands of the players and BLM movements.

  • The Black National Anthem would be played before games.
  • Players could wear slogans and other things on their jerseys and helmets.
  • The end zones in stadiums would be painted with BLM and other sayings.
  • Basketball courts would have BLM painted on them.

The list goes on and on.

It is bad enough that news programs and television throw this crap at us daily. For sporting events to do the same is beyond the pail!

Well, “Screw You” to all sports! Take your wokeness and stuff it where the sun does not shine! (I am a proper little girl doggie or I would say something else.)

You have taken the fall and winter weekend fun away from Daddy PU and I. I will never forgive you for that.

After deep discussion with Daddy PU, we have decided our days of watching or going to sporting events at any level is over. No more sports on television, radio or in a stadium! No more Direct TV subscriptions or ESPN channels! It is over and finished!

To all of you over-pampered, egotistical, and arrogant sports figures, just know this. You have taken a dump on all of those who watch your games.

It is we, the common people who watch the games on cable and broadcast television, go to the stadiums, and buy the products that are advertised. It is we, the common people, who provide the money that allow you to make your ridiculous salaries and preach to us absurd grievances.

Well, Daddy PU and I are through. We will no longer watch television sports or go to games. We will no longer buy the products you endorse, your memorabilia. The companies who still advertise when you play, we will not buy.

Just think of all of this when your contracts are reduced in the years to come. Think of this when television ratings drop and advertisers quit paying for advertising.

You brought it all upon yourselves. Now you can pay the price.

As to Daddy PU and I, we are going to enjoy a new found freedom in not watching games or writing sports prediction articles. We will find other things to do and enjoy.

So, in ending, “Go SCREW Yourself!

Gigi out



Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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