Broenna Taylor Grand Jury returns 1 True Bill against one cop. Ham sammich time

Let the rioting, looting and burning begin

Updated:  The Kentucky Grand Jury found one of three cops, Hankison, indictable on three counts of wanton endangerment. Hankison did not fire the killing shot. Mattingly and Cosgrove found justified in use of force.

This is designed to appease the radicals demanding action against the cops.

Days earlier, the city of Louisville agreed to a $12 million wrongful death settlement in Taylor’s death. But this is not good enough for the Taylor family or the BLM thugs. They want criminal charges filed and the cops convicted of murder.

Downtown Louisville is now boarded up. Businesses have closed in anticipation of riots and looting to come. Police barricades are up all over the downtown area. A city wide curfew begins at 9pm.

Update: National Guard just activated.


TIme for rioters and looters to seek their reparations again.


Written by PatrickPu

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