9-11 Then and Now with the Cops

19 years and what a difference with how people look at our cops

Anyone over a certain age can remember vividly the events of 9-11-2001. It was a fateful Tuesday morning that changed America forever.

I remember awaking just after 6 am to the clock radio going on. First thing I heard was coverage about a plane hitting the Trade Center. Quickly, flipped the television on and saw the first tower burning.

While getting dressed, the radio announced another plane hitting the Trade Center and at that moment, knew America was under attack. From then on the day was a blur, watching the programming and wondering how this could have occurred.

In the days, weeks, months and years after, our first responders and especially the cops were held in high regard. For a period of time, it was a commonly held believe that we could count on that when things got tough at home, the cops would be there to protect us. Today, most of us still feel the same way.

But along the way, something has happened over the last five years or so. No longer are the cops and other first responders held in such high regard as after 9-11 occurred. What happened.

  • Approximately 80 million people (kids from 0-19) have been born since 9-11 occurred. These children have been brought up only knowing 9-11 from the history books and have been subjected to the indoctrination of radical leftist teachers in the schools. Their views are skewed to hatred of cops and other first responders, and America.
  • The 20-24 year old age bracket has another 21.5 million Americans in it. These people were far to young to even know what was happening on that day, and have had their own views formulated by radical teachers as well.
  • The 25-29 year old cohort has about 23.5 million people in it. They too were too young to understand the significance of that event and could be easily swayed but radical teachings.
  • The 30-34 age cohort has about 22.5 million people in it. The oldest were about 15 years old when 9-11 occurred, so some had a knowledge of what was truly happening while the youngest still had little conception of what occurred.

In total, over 1/3rd of America’s population were either too young to understand what 9-11 meant or else had not yet been born. For them, it is all ancient history now.

Today, American reverence for the heroics of the first responders and cops is dissipating quickly. Instead of being looked up to, those who are too young to have experience the horrors of 9-11 and those older American liberal Leftists, have engaged in tactics to defame and defund police departments across the country.

Cops are attacked daily on the streets of America. They are prevented from doing their jobs by leftist politicians in Seattle, Portland and other cities across America.

Our cops are the targets of bricks, knives and even gunfire. A dangerous job on a daily basis and gotten even more dangerous.

The Thin Blue Line that protects all Americans is finding itself getting weaker by the day. Cops are resigning from their departments, taking retirement, or moving on to other, safer locations. Meanwhile, radical leftist cities cut funding to ensure that these departures cannot be replaced.

In a single generation, leftists and liberals have managed to take an honored and respected American Institution (our cops) and severely harm the image and respect that they so deeply deserve.

Where does it end?


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Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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