We Aren’t Going to Know Who Won the Election on November 3

We won’t know who won on November 4, either

I’ve been hesitant to speculate about what I think is coming in November, because I didn’t want to be accused of fearmongering. However, now that the president is talking about this topic, it’s a good a time of any to project what I think is coming our way:

To expand on Trump’s comment, it is my belief that we are never going to know who won on election night.

The coronavirus lockdowns quickly evolved from a legitimate response from fears about a dangerous new virus to a weapon to be wielded by the Democrats for political gain against the Republicans. In my opinion, the lockdowns are unlikely to be lifted until after November, because the point of the lockdowns is to both hold the country hostage (vote for Biden or we’ll keep you locked down!) and to force the election to be held by mail, which greatly increases both the ability of the Democrats to commit fraud and to disrupt and interfere with the normal election process.

Right now, nine states plus Washington DC are conducting their elections by way of mail. It is my belief that by election day, almost all fifty states will be holding elections by mail.

Vote by mail is dangerous because the process is incredibly corrupt and prone to fraud. The Paterson, NJ election results were so corrupt that a judge threw the results out and forced a new election to be held.

In New York, the primaries were severely disrupted due to huge volumes of invalid ballots:

Still, candidates and political analysts are warning that government officials at all levels need to take urgent action to avoid a nightmare in November.

This election is a canary in the coal mine,” said Suraj Patel, a Democrat running for Congress in a district that includes parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, who has filed a federal lawsuit over the primary.

Mr. Patel trails the incumbent, Representative Carolyn B. Maloney, by some 3,700 votes, though more than 12,000 ballots have been disqualified, including about 1,200 that were missing postmarks, he said.

What Republicans need to do to understand what is coming in November is to extrapolate what is happening in Paterson and New York and look at it happening in all fifty states. This will be much worse than the disputed 2000 election results, because every state with mail-in balloting will be “Florida.”

I expect the counting of mailed ballots to take weeks or even months, and I think it is very possible we may never really know who the winner is. There will be lawsuits filed in every single state challenging the results of the election and challenging which ballots are counted and which are thrown out. The cases will grind through the system exceedingly slowly, further bogging down and delaying the reporting and the certifying of the results.

The Democrats have been seeding the ground for November by deliberately spreading conspiracy theories that Trump brownshirts are creeping around at night, stealing peoples’ mailboxes. Any votes which get disqualified due to fraud (and I expect more fraud in this election than in any other US election in history) will be met with hysterical claims that Trump is “stealing” the election by throwing out legitimate votes.

This will result in further conspiracy theories that Trump is “hiding” the votes or “rigging” the election behind the scenes. I expect fresh riots to erupt in most major US cities again and further violent attacks on Republicans in November and December.

What will eventually happen is that as Inauguration Day approaches, the Democrats will propose a “compromise” to the Republicans by suggesting that Trump step down and a “caretaker” president be allowed to take over until the election results can be certified (SPOILER ALERT: the results will never be certified).

Mark has already gone over some of the mechanics of these nightmare scenarios, including the possibility of “Acting President Pelosi.” Even if the caretaker president is Pence, however, that is a win for the Democrats because it means Trump is out of office, he won’t be getting back into office, and his reforms will be dead for good.

Trump will not be able to refuse to step down, especially if the GOP won’t support him. Most of the government is openly disloyal to him and undermines his policies at every opportunity. The joint chiefs have made it very clear they will not get involved in “domestic politics,” so the military will not stop Trump from being forced out of office no matter how criminally the Democrats and Republicans behave to get it done.

I am very dubious about any “Great Conservative Uprising” rushing to the rescue either, especially given almost total conservative passivity and submission in the face of BLM riots and violence.

All of this is being done very deliberately. I think the Democrats are trying to collapse the electoral system to make it virtually impossible to hold free and fair elections again in this country without their approval of the victor. If this move succeeds in forcing out Trump, no candidate not approved of by the Democrats will ever win again, regardless of how many votes he or she wins.

As usual, the GOP seems ready to roll over and let this happen. Even Trump doesn’t seem to be doing much to stop it, other than tweeting and occasionally making comments in public.

In the end, much of this could have been avoided if Trump had prioritized a cleanup of the federal government and a cleanup of the election system when he first came into office. Instead, he seems to have thought he could cut deals with the Democrats and govern as a “normal” president, and now here we are.


Written by Doomberg

I am Doomberg, one of the original founding members of Sparta Report, and have been here since the beginning. I am an insatiable news junkie and enjoy reading and writing about the US territories, the Caribbean, video games, smartphones, and of course conservative politics in general.

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