New Hampshire Boaters Turn Out For Trump

MAGA on the water…

New Hampshire Trumptilla

Americans have been treated to almost weekly boat parades across America showing support for President Trump. These parades aren’t small affairs, either. Most of these boat parades involve hundreds of participants at the very least.

Quite often, however, thousands of boaters show up to support their president. South Carolina played host to a Trumptilla in July that may have broken the world record for the largest boat parade ever recorded. Clearwater, Florida, was the site of another massive pro-Trump boat parade in which nearly 1,180 boats turned out. Guiness has confirmed it’s looking to see if the Clearwater parade may be another record-setting event.

Today, the great state of New Hampshire is playing host to its own Trumptilla on Lake Winnipesaukee. While it doesn’t look as massive as the Clearwater or South Carolina boat parades, New Hampshire’s turnout indicates the Silent Majority is definitely present in the Granite State.

It should be noted that these Trumptillas are not done at the behest of the Trump campaign or even President Trump himself. Often, the only organization happening behind these events is a few posts on a Facebook group. With hundreds to thousands of boats in attendance, each Trumptilla is the equivalent of a small, classic Trump rally. They have rapidly become an almost weekly occurrence.

Meanwhile, Joementia gets…a golf cart parade in The Villages, FL.

I wonder how many of these old timers were actually there to support Joementia, and how many were just on their way to pick up their STD meds?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that Joementia was able to put enough pep into some senior citizens’ step to get them out and about on a Friday afternoon, but I can’t help but wonder where the weekly Biden-tillas are? Why aren’t there more spontaneous shows of support for a man who can’t keep his hands off of young people and who routinely confuses his wife with his sister with himself?

I think we all know the answer to that.

President Trump may not be able to hold his traditionally raucous rallies, but it’s great that his supporters are finding ways to make their voices heard regardless.


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