Michelle Obama’s DNC Speeh Sends Big Mike Trending

Michelle Obama Big Mike

Apparently, last night was the first night of the virtual Democrat National Convention. I honestly had no idea the 4 day…wait, is it really 4 days…it is…oh Lord…

Big Mike Billy Porter
4 more days of Billy Porter in…is that a dress?

The highlight of last night’s…festivities…was former First Lady Michelle Obama speaking on behalf of her husband’s former vice president. Naturally, Michelle Obama had more pressing engagements than an event to decide the future of her party and possibly the nation as a whole so she pre-recorded her speech a few weeks ago.

Yes, Michelle waxed poetic about the divisions that had been created in our country during the last four years of the Trumpenreich. She sang (not literally) of the “failures” of the Trump administration’s response to the Chinese Coronavirus while ignoring a man who literally shoved as many COVID patients as possible into his state’s nursing homes. Michelle Obama even made time to threaten the American people that things would get much, much worse for them if they didn’t vote for Joementia.

Big Mike Michelle Obama
“Nice country…be a shame if something happened to it…”

Michelle Obama’s speech certainly was memorable, but not because of what she said. Michelle’s appearance at an otherwise anemic DNC was noteworthy because it reminded everyone that, in some circles, Michelle Obama is also known as Big Mike.

You see, there’s been a long standing meme-some might call it a conspiracy theory-that Michelle used to be known as Michael before he had his wedding tackle rejiggered into a cha cha and started living life as a strong black woman who don’t need no man. The evidence for such a theory basically consists of Internet ramblings, a series of hilariously awkward photos, and several well-timed tweets from Malik Obama, Barack’s Kenyan brother.

Luckily, populist Twitter was on hand to revive the Big Mike meme in…well, a big way.

Apparently, this was the first the Left had heard of Big Mike. They predictably reacted as if Orange Man Bad himself had just beaten a litter of puppies to death with two babies of color on national television.

Gosh, it’s almost like the Left doesn’t appreciate the joke or something.


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