Memetastic Fun #395

How many of these meme threads have we done already? I dunno, I’m not actually counting.

Let’s start with a reminder that masks are not slowing the spread in Karenfornia and elsewhere (mask mandates have been in effect for over two months now in most places), so looks like our only weapon against them now is Vulcan-grade logic:

Speaking of masks:

Most accurate portrayal of the World’s Most Bestest “Doctor” Evar:

This definitely fits my kids

Stunning and brave millionaires

In case you never thought you’d live to see the day where life saving drugs would become a political tool

Democrats – patsies of the Chinese Communist Party

Y’all believe “Honest Bill,” right?

All the latest canceled celebs need to do is run for office as a Democrat and they’re golden:

Speaking of Cancel Culture:

No line by me is necessary for this one:

Image may contain: indoor, text that says 'Schrödinger's Plates: They are both broken and not broken until you open the door.'

Yep, sure sounds like a Kung Flu related death:


Too soon?

Your 2020 Democrat platform isn’t much different from previous ones..

RIP Mr. Brimley

Modern “tolerance & diversity” everybody!

Tough job propping up such a racist demented person for President:

Ok, now it’s your turn

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