Committing Hari Kari in Professional Sports

SJW’s have finally figured out how to ruin sports

The Social Justice Warriors have finally accomplished their goals. They have figured out how to destroy professional sports, and with the mutual assistance of those same sports.

Fans are abandoning professional sporting events in ever greater numbers. They are tired and fed up with the social and political engineering that sports have caved into supporting. Consider this.

  1. The Washington Redskins have decided to submit to demands to change their name to something other than the Redskins. This is even in the absence of Native Indian groups complaining about the name. It is Hollywood and the SJW’s forcing the change.
  2. The Colin Kaepernick decision to begin taking a knee in protest with the playing of the National Anthem has now gone full stream. The NFL has submitted to demands and now supports allowing players to take a knee as they chose.
  3. The NFL has elected for all Week 1 games to play the “Black National Anthem” before the National Anthem. It will have Black Lives Matter written in the end zones of each game. Players will have the option of having their own SJW supportive messages on their jerseys.
  4. The NBA will have Black Lives Matter printed on the courts as they play each remaining game. They will be allowed to take a knee each time the National Anthem is played. Messages will be allowed on jerseys also.
  5. Baseball is following in the same steps as the NFL and NBA. Kneeling and protesting when the National Anthem is now the norm. Atlanta and Cleveland are now considering name changes.
  6. The PGA comes out in support of Black Lives Matter. They hold a “moment of silence” at 8:46 am honoring the criminal George Floyd.

Even colleges and universities are joining the SJW trends. The NCAA has stated that conferences and players are free to put their own messages on helmets and jerseys.

So far, the NHL appears to be denying the SJW movement. But it remains to be seen how long they can hold out with all the pressure on them.

Since 2008, every single major professional sport has seen significant drops in attendance. There has been no one single reason for the attendance drop, but a variety of factors have been influencing it. Included among those factors are:

First has been the quality of the teams. Teams that perform poorly year after year have suffered continuous loss in their fan bases. Who wants to go see teams that a person knows will lose that day?

Second has been the high cost of going to a game? Go to a game now and you expect to spend way north of $100 for entry, food and parking. The better the team, the more you will pay.

Third has been that with Direct TV and other cable services, team exposure has reached the limits of what people desire. Now with NFL games, one can catch games three days per week, and in December, four days per week at the end of the season. Regular season baseball can find games every day of the week. With television rights, the leagues face overexposure.

Finally, there is the problem of social justice warrior players. Players in all leagues have taken up the mantle of SJWs. Since 2016 and Kaepernick, more and more players have taken to kneeling during the National Anthem. Additionally, they spout off on Twitter and other social media their viewpoints. Who gives a hoot what they think? Just play the game. That is what you are paid to do!  Which brings up pay….

The pay that these overgrown spoiled brats receive is just outlandish. Yes, I get it. They are paid according to their ability to play the sport they are involved in. But really, who wants to hear about a player sitting out a season because he wants a $50 million contract instead of $49 million? We just don’t give a crap!

Now comes the nonsense of trying to play ball with Covid – 19. Really? Seriously? For television rights, leagues want to play ball and have “cut out cardboard” figures in the stands to  simulate fans? Or as some stations are contemplating, digital fans with Tom Hank’s doing voice overs simulating vendors?

Get frackin’ real!

Sports franchises have destroyed the interest of fans by yielding to SJWs, changing the names of long established teams, and pampering spoiled athletes. And then they expect that their fan bases will continue to watch games or worse, go to them?

Have I got a bridge to sell you!

Once again, thank you Mark and all the other Moderators for allowing me to write and vent my feelings here at the best website on the net. And to my fans, thank you for reading.

In closing, just remember.


LIFE IS GOOD!  (Even without sports to watch…)



Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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