Winn-Dixie Becomes A Mask-Free Zone

Well done!

Winn Dixie Mask Free Zone

Several of the nation’s largest retail chains have declared their stores will be requiring customers to wear masks while shopping. Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s and many others have declared they will act to help enforce draconian mask orders passed by local dictators. Walmart has even gone as far to hire an army of “health ambassadors” to ensure their customers are wearing their masks.

Southeastern Grocers, the company that owns and operates Winn-Dixie, is bucking the trend. The company has announced that Winn-Dixie stores will not be enforcing any kind of mask requirement on its customers:

The supermarket chain’s website says it is strongly encouraging its employees and associates to wear face coverings.  However, Winn-Dixie’s parent company, Southeastern Grocers, will not mandate masks because it does not want to “cause undue friction between our customers and associates by regulating mask mandates,” director of corporate communications Joe Caldwell told FOX 13 News.

“We are adhering to all local safety mandates within each of our stores and strongly encouraging those who are medically able to wear a face covering to do so,” Caldwell said, adding that the company would strongly encourage state government officials to “lead the way” in creating such mandates.

Publix, Winn-Dixie’s largest competitor, has announced that customers will be required to wear masks in their stores starting July 21.

The Karens of Twitter are decidedly unhappy about Winn-Dixie’s decision not to force illegal mask orders upon its customers. #WinnDixie was trending…and not in a good way.

Actually, communities are struggling because of oppressive lock down orders coupled with local ordinances requiring them to purchase masks/face coverings or face fine and/or arrest. Not because of a virus that was in danger of losing its epidemic status with the CDC just a few short weeks ago.

Personally, I applaud this move by Winn-Dixie. Businesses should not be enforcing mask mandates against their customers. Local cops can station officers outside every grocery store if they want to make sure everyone wears a mask.


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