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Will Trump’s Mt. Rushmore speech scare Joe into picking Tammy Duckworth?

Goodbye Kamala…

Did Trump’s July 3 speech on The Culture War scare the Donks into moving Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth into pole position in the VP Sweepstakes?

Trump’s brilliant framing of the election in stark cultural and patriotic terms puts the onus on The Donks to try and check El Donaldo’s game-changing move.

Duckie checks a lot of the Politically Correct boxes: Female, Minority (Asian descent), Disabled Veteran (Iraq).

She would be the perfect foil against the charge that the Democrats are unpatriotic and would make an excellent Attack Dog surrogate for Sundowner Joe on the campaign trail.

There is already a feud a-brewin’ between Duckie and conservative commentator Tucker Carlson; the “she’s untouchable!” and “how dare you be critical!” memes are getting a Grapefruit League tryout for use during the general election season.

Presumptive  VP front runner Kamala Harris might be the Big Loser if the Donks decide Duckie is The Ticket to negating Trump’s Rocket’s Red Glare strategy of tying BLM/Antifa to Sundowner Joe’s basement rocking chair.

And finally, since Duckie hails from Illinois it’s not a stretch to assume she is connected to The Chicago Obama Machine  and would make an excellent ct’s paw to give The One a backdoor entrance to rerunning the country by stealth thereby making her a big plus for the Democrat left.


Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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