Walmart Set To Hire An Army Of Karens

They ARE the manager…

Walmart Karens

To be fair I have no idea if the number of new employees Walmart plans to hire as “health ambassadors” qualifies as an “army” per se. What I do know, however, is that these “health ambassadors” will exist solely to remind you and your family of local mask ordinances. Yes, Karen is going to greet you at the entrance to your local Walmart, and you can bet your ass she’ll make sure you’re wearing a mask.

The nation’s largest retailer currently requires associates but not customers to wear masks. Louisiana joined more than 20 other states Saturday in requiring residents to wear a face mask in public.

“Our COVID-19 protocols have continued to adapt during the pandemic in response to evolving research and mandates spanning the country,” a spokesperson for Walmart told FOX Business. “Additional safety changes took effect July 9 to expand our efforts in reminding customers of the importance and necessity of wearing face coverings in our stores.”

Fox Business’s assertion that Walmart does not require customers to wear masks is wildly inaccurate. Masks may not be required by stores per official policy, but there are plenty examples of people being kicked out of or denied entry to Walmart stores because they weren’t wearing a mask. The most infamous example was a viral video of an Orlando man who attempted to shove his way past a Walmart employee who denied him access to the store because he refused to wear a mask.

Two questions come to mind. One, will Walmart use these new “health ambassadors” (aka, Karens) to continue to deny customers access to their stores unless they submit to illegal mandatory mask orders? Two, how many of America’s disabled citizens who are unable to wear masks will be shut out of their friendly neighborhood Walmart?

Food for thought.


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