Shut Up And Get To Work

Quit your bitching…

Conservative Activism

Conservatives know the truth: this may be the last election we ever have as a free nation.

We know this because we see the evidence all around us.

Rioters run rampant in our nation’s biggest cities. Police officers are vilified daily as more and more Democrat-run cities prepare to defund their departments and throw their citizens to the wolves.

Democrats in the halls of Congress prepare to run roughshod over our God-given rights while their minions work tirelessly to make all votes but their meaningless.

State and local officials add insult to injury as they strip away our rights, our dignity, even our very humanity in the name of “protecting” us from a pandemic caused by a disease no more deadly than a severe flu season. Wear the mask, #StayHomeStaySafe, because if you don’t we’ll fine you, destroy your business, and throw you in jail. Maybe that will teach you the meaning of the phrase “social distancing.”

Conservative media, by and large, works very hard to confirm our fears. We nod sagely as Sean Hannity tells us everything rides on Election Night in November. We cheer as Mark Levin excoriates yet another Leftist abuse of the founding document of this nation.

Yes, we see the evidence of the imminent collapse of the nation and our very way of life all around us. We drink in the information, process it, and set our jaws in grim determination as we…head home and lock our doors tight.

It’s all gone wrong, you see. President Trump was supposed to be our champion. He was the one who was supposed to stop the Left dead in its tracks. It was President Trump who was supposed to protect us from the mob. President Trump was the one who was supposed to bring us back from the brink. After all, we elected him to be our white knight. Our savior. Our God-Emperor who would smite America’s enemies and lead us to a grand new Golden Age of humanity.

President Trump was the man who was finally going to Do Something to heal America’s wounds, because Lord knows average Americans are powerless to stem the tide.

Why? Look around you. Antifa thugs rule America’s streets. These young Marxists possess all the conviction of a fanatic enraptured with a kind of religious ecstasy. They have zero compunctions about using violence against anyone who disagrees with them. Step outside your home wearing something vaguely patriotic is a great way to get your teeth kicked in by one of Alinsky’s disciples.

Cancel culture mavens are on the rampage as well. Thousands upon thousands of Karens scour social media day in and day out, looking for anything that goes against established Leftist dogma. The slightest hint of wrongthink is enough to bring the wrath of a veritable army of culture warriors down upon your head. Apologizing for any perceived slight will only make them madder.

The justice system is against us as well. We see honest citizens such as General Michael Flynn being railroaded after literally spending their entire lives serving their country. We see Roger Stone being arrested live on CNN by a heavily armed SWAT team for a crime that normally would garner two weeks in jail and a stern warning to never do it again. We see police raid the home of a couple in St. Louis for daring to defend themselves from a violent mob. We see this and realize we could be next.

Conservatives allow these national events to paralyze them. Many convince themselves that the only way to stop the Left is to grab their weapons and lay everything on the line. Far too few are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the rights that are slowly, inevitably slipping away.

And so, conservatives sit in the dark, moved to inaction for fear of losing everything they have worked so hard to build.

All the while the Left’s assault on America’s very foundations continues unabated.

Conservatives have convinced themselves that resistance to the Left is a zero-sum game. The only option left on the table to protect what so many have fought and died for is to fight and die yourself.

That simply isn’t the case.

Antifa isn’t everywhere. Not every city is Portland or Seattle. Cancel culture trolls aren’t lurking around every corner.

The average American can make a difference.

The evidence is all around us. One need only look to the thousands of Californians protesting Gavin Newsom’s dictatorial edicts. Dozens of sheriffs across the country have outright refused to enforce unconstitutional mask orders. Business owners have stood up to government tyranny and won.

Want to change the world for the better and fight back against government oppression? Look no further than your hometown. All politics is local, and that is the arena where one person can affect the greatest change.

Need an example? My county decided in April they were going to enact a mandatory mask order. Worse, they were going to punish any violators with a massive fine and two months in jail.

I was decidedly unhappy about the prospect of facing jail time simply for leaving my house without wearing a mask. Rather than throw up my head in disgust, however, I decided to actually do something about it. There was no massive protest organized through social media. I didn’t cry “hooty hoo” and grab my musket. I simply wrote a letter to the county commissioners questioning their authority to enact and enforce such an edict.

Two days later the county commissioners enacted their mandatory mask order, but without the harsh penalties. The order became, in effect, a strong suggestion rather than a sweeping government mandate.

That may not seem like much, but I definitely count that as a victory for individual rights and freedom.

That’s exactly my point. Too many conservatives concern themselves with grand gestures. We have this fantasy of sweeping the Left aside in a torrent of righteous anger. Life, however, rarely affords such opportunities to one individual. It’s far more important to focus on what you can do right now as an individual.

Contact your county and city leaders. Share your concerns in a respectful manner during a county commission or school board meeting.

Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper.

Do you have an armful of peer-reviewed studies proving that the science behind masks protecting people from the Chinese Coronavirus is, at best, inconclusive? Fantastic. Don’t bother sharing them on Twitter. You’re shadowbanned anyway. All you’re doing is screaming into the void or arguing with bots.

A better use of your time would be to blast your studies to your local leaders. I will guarantee that 90% of politicians believe masks work because that’s what they’ve been told. Sometimes, all it takes for them to change their mind is one person telling them how they’re wrong and why.

Conservative activism doesn’t have to be grand gestures. Remember, Scott Pressler, the country’s foremost conservative activist today, got his start by literally standing on a street corner holding a sign.

Stop bitching and start doing something.

Shut up and get to work. Your country needs you.


Written by Radius

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