Republican Voter Registration Numbers Are Up Bigly

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Republican Voter Registration

Maryland Governor and “Republican” Larry “Potato” Hogan appeared on Meet the Press Sunday morning to tut tut about how the GOP has to learn to appeal to more Americans if it wishes to survive.

It’s worth noting that Larry Hogan won overwhelmingly in Maryland because he is basically a Democrat who just happens to call himself a Republican. We’ve heard this rhetoric about a “bigger tent” before, usually from Never Trumpers who insist that the GOP will irrevocably damage its brand if it hooks its wagon to the Trump Train. What Hogan means is the GOP essentially must adopt Democrat policies in order to survive as a viable party.

Hogan’s not the only one who thinks this way, either. Many nominally conservative pundits and politicians insist that the GOP must change with the demographics if it wants to stay afloat and win elections. RedState’s Jeff Charles believes that Hogan is correct in his assessment:

America’s demographics are going to drastically evolve over the next few decades. Racial minorities will make up the majority of the US population. Currently, the overwhelming majority of GOP voters are white Americans living in rural and suburban areas. The percentage of the population that is made up of whites is shrinking.

In light of these truths, it appears that Hogan’s assessment is right: The GOP must begin engaging in minority communities as they do with white voters. Failing to do so will ensure that the former Party of Lincoln becomes irrelevant in just a few decades. Even worse, the Marxist crowd will have no opposition as they drag the country into socialism.

I don’t disagree that the GOP needs to find ways to stay relevant as a political party going forward. That’s the constant struggle of any party, especially in the modern era where voters’ attention span has dwindled to mere seconds. I also don’t disagree that the demographics in this country are changing.

What I do disagree with is the idea that the GOP is struggling to appeal to more voters in the age of Trump. Social media is filled with Trump supporters of every race, color and creed. Black and white, straight and gay Americans have come together to show their support for the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan. Head on over to Trump Twitter some time if you don’t believe me.

More importantly, however, the GOP also seems to have taken Hogan’s “advice” to heart, particularly in the last few months. The New York Post is reporting that GOP voter registrations are up in a very, very big way:

The Republican Party has edged out the Democrats in the race to sign up new voters — and coronavirus lockdowns are to blame, a new report says.

New registrations cratered in the last three months, says TargetSmart, a Democratic data firm. In May of this year, 194,596 new voters were registered nationwide, according to TargetSmart’s report. That’s just 13 percent of the 1,490,631 who registered in May 2016.

In at least five battleground states, Democrats appear to have borne the brunt of the damage during the COVID-shutdown period.

In Maine, for example, 59 percent of new voters registered as Dems pre-coronavirus — but only 40 percent have done so in the months since.

Dem declines were also seen in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, TargetSmart found.

Additionally, in the swing state of Iowa, the new voters helped the GOP retake the statewide lead in voter registrations last month, Politico reported.

Less Americans are registering as Democrats, and more are registering as Republicans. The New York Post and TargetSmart blame the Chinese Coronavirus lock downs, but I can’t help but wonder how much of a role the Democrats’ sharp Left turn has played. Democrats have adopted insanely unpopular policies such as defunding the police and allowing Black Lives Matter rioters to operate with impunity. I can’t imagine such a bone-headed strategy not having at least some sort of effect on Democrat voter registration numbers.

Either way, this is good news for President Trump and the Republican party. More people are willing to call themselves Republicans on their voter registration forms. Whether this translates into more Republican votes in November remains to be seen, but it’s definitely a good sign.

Now we just have to keep the trend going by going out and doing our part to register as many new Trump supporters as possible.


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