Kanye West Rallies In South Carolina

The Birthday Party debuts…

Kanye West South Carolina

Kanye West made headlines when he announced July 5 that he would be running for president as the head of the self-styled “birthday party.” At the time I had opined that Kanye was running in order to steal votes from Joementia. Kanye then proceeded to prove me right when he acknowledged that his candidacy would destroy Biden’s campaign in an interview with Forbes.

The fake news media reported last week that Kanye West had dropped out of the race. It would seem, however, that rumors of Ye’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Kanye is in the process of holding his first campaign rally in South Carolina right now.

Watch a live stream below:

Update: The live stream is over, but you can still view Kanye’s rally. The fun stuff starts about 17 minutes into the video.


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