King Gavin the First

Wanna be ruler of the Nation of California

The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, wants to become the King and Dictator of California. In fact, he has recently been referring to California as a “nation-state”, a term normally reserved for independent states.His actions are totally consistent with those of a third world dictator or a leader of Russia or China.

Since taking office, King Gavin has enacted rules and regulations that have severely restricted the rights of everyday Californians. He has violated the Bill of Rights, and as the days go by, he compounds his “attacks” on the citizens of this once great state.

Under King Gavin before Covid-19, California has experienced record homelessness, open borders, rising crime, failing schools and unaffordable housing.

Gavin has granted illegal aliens free health care while resident Californians go without. He has supported the state being a “sanctuary state” where police are not to cooperate with ICE.

Children of illegals are provided with free schooling. Parents receive welfare and are given CA driver licenses.

Pension debt in the state is out of control while Gavin pushes for greater and greater taxes against the working Californians.

King Gavin furthers his ambitious goals by ignoring Federal Statutes governing Immigration, and supports giving illegals the same rights as Californians, including the right to vote.



Since the Covid-19 outbreak, King Gavin has stepped up his attacks on the free citizens of California. The draconian rules and regulations that he and his minions continue to enact have harmed both the people and the economy of California.

The newest attack on Californians began on March 17. That was the date that King Gavin instituted the shutdown of most of the Californian economy. Under the guise of a Public Health Emergency, businesses were closed except for grocery stores and large box retail stores.  Elective medical procedures were cancelled, and only those with life threatening illnesses were treated.

Schools were shut down and child care facilities were closed. Personal services like hair stylists were banned. Fitness centers were shuttered as well as dentist offices. Malls were closed.

Restaurants were closed to all but take out services. Religious activities were cancelled as well as sports programs.

To top it off, King Gavin ordered that all Californians should shelter in place. They could not leave their homes except for essential services like grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments and other such activities. Contact with other family members or friends were strictly forbidden, even with those who were in nursing homes or gravely.

In June as Covid-19 cases began to level out, Newsom “let up” the pressure from his knee on the throats of Californians. He began to allow businesses and specified services to reopen, slowly and deliberately. Never mind that Covid-19 had been shown to be less deadly that the regular flu, it would be a slow and measured response.


New Shutdown

Effective July 14, King Newsom suddenly shutdown the entire state again due to increasing cases of Covid-19. Never mind that the death rate was still the 4th lowest in the nation. California had to be shut down for the good of the people per King Newsom.

Once again, malls, churches, restaurants, and many small businesses have been shuttered. People who had just gone back to work in June and July were suddenly out of work again without any idea when they would be able to return to work.

To enforce the new shutdown order, in the best imitation of China, Russia, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and North Korea, King Gavin has created “Strike Forces” consisting of personnel from state agencies to enforce the new guidelines.

Personnel from the California Highway Patrol, the Division of Occupational Safety and Health, Alcohol Beverage Control, Barbering & Cosmetology, Business Oversight, Consumer Affairs, Food and Agriculture, the Labor Commissioner’s Office, and the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development will “work” with local businesses such as restaurants, bars and gyms, and will to “educate” business owners on social distancing protocols as “opposed” to punishing them.

Of course, two questions come to mind: 1) How long will it take for the Strike Force to begin to issue citations and 2) When does the Strike Force begin to target private residence and citizens for enforcement?

When the first shutdown ended, many businesses and restaurants were unable to reopen and shuttered for good. Far too many of the formerly employed had no job to return to. Many businesses that reopened did so but were to likely fail in the passing months.

More businesses are facing another protracted shut down. Again, many will not reopen.

Workers are no longer employed with no job prospects and with dwindling monetary resources and unemployment benefits.

Schools are not likely to reopen for classroom teaching. Instead, it will all be done online from home. This causes further problems in that all too many families require both parents to work to survive in this state. With one parent forced to stay home, family income will fall andmore will require government relief.

Mortgages will go unpaid and renters will not be able to make their rent payments. Car payments will be missed. Bankruptcies will increase dramatically.

State, county and city tax receipts will fall. Government workers will be laid off. Much needed services will not be provided.

California, once the envy of world, is fast approaching the status of a ruined third world nation state. Congratulations King Gavin for what you and other liberal politicians have wrought.


As always, have a Great Day and remember.

LIFE IS GOOD. (Even with idiots like King Gavin in charge.)


UPDATE: Some counties are already deciding to begin fining businesses and individuals who are not in compliance with regulations.



Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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