Irresponsible Joe Biden Questions Coronavirus Vaccine


Joe Biden Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine

Democrat presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe “Joementia” Biden issued some rather irresponsible remarks Wednesday. Joementia seemed to question whether or not any Chinese Coronavirus vaccine would be real in an attempt to slam President Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

Joementia has spent much of his campaign blasting President Trump for his perceived failures in combating the Chinese Coronavirus. Of course, Joementia and the media ignore the Obama administration’s failures in combating the swine flu pandemic of 2009. Sixty million Americans were infected with swine flu while the nation’s stockpile of PPE was severely depleted. The Obama administration failed to replenish this supply.

Several companies around the world are working in conjunction with various governments and worldwide health agencies to develop a vaccine for the Chinese Coronavirus. British company AstraZeneca is currently set to produce nearly 2 billion doses of a potential vaccine as early as September if their current trials continue to go well.

We can debate about whether or not a Chinese Coronavirus vaccine will be effective in stopping the spread of the virus, especially long term. What can’t be denied, however, is that a Chinese Coronavirus vaccine is a treatment that could potentially save millions of lives across the world. More importantly, our rulers…erm…elected officials have said that a vaccine is a precondition for opening up and getting back to normal.

Jomentia has, in one fell swoop, given millions of Americans license to question such a treatment. Biden’s goal in this case is clear: sow enough fear and distrust to keep a significant chunk of the American public from taking any Chinese Coronavirus vaccine pushed by Orange Man Bad. That gives Democrats an excuse to lock down the country even longer while pushing for terrible, horrible ideas such as mandatory mail-in ballots and universal basic income. The fact that potentially thousands of Americans would die is just icing on the cake for Democrats.

Joe Biden’s remarks are absolutely disgusting, and should be remembered when Americans head to the polls in November.


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