I Present to You the Democrat 2020 Presidential Nominee

Time to go full conspiracy theory.

If Biden decides to drop out after the Democratic convention [i.e., They admit to the obvious], the DNC picks the replacement according to their rules. (See

You need Biden to tough it out through the convention so Bernie doesn’t get uppity and you don’t want a bunch of mere delegates thinking that they have any power. How fortunate they’re having a virtual convention!

The Congress could also vote to delay the election but if I’m right, this would be a perfect setup that takes advantage of all the insanity 2020 was wrought.

The Democrats would need someone with perfect name recognition. An actor would be best since they would need to learn a lot of lines. In fact, this person could have been being prepped all through 2020 and we wouldn’t even know it.

I give you my pick for the Democrat nominee to replace Joe Biden — Oprah Winfrey. Interestingly, her net worth is almost the same (a bit more actually) than DJT which gives her the same (if not better) bona fides as businessperson.

If Oprah said “y’all calm down now, make sure you vote for me and I’ll fix it in January,” every bit of social unrest would cease immediately. There’s not a Democrat on the planet who wouldn’t vote for Oprah and I think she would do well against DJT in a debate.

I’m perfectly serious and with a couple cabinet announcements for credibility sake, they could make this work. I’m thinking Michelle to Secretary of Education. Hillary if she wants back in as either a Cabinet-level position or maybe the UN Ambassador if she wanted a lighter weight position. Barack as Secretary of State or maybe the Ginsberg replacement. I’d put Fauci as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Birx could have the CDC if she wanted it. And it wouldn’t be all that hard assuming they’ve been planning for it all year.

Oprah would have a couple things going for her in the unique position we find ourselves in today:

  • In terms of “uniting the country” from racial strife, she’s perfect. This wasn’t a significant issue back in 2018.
  • She has the same business acumen as DJT and could lay claim to being able to rebuild the economy as well as he could.
  • She would do a much better job at empathizing with what people are going through with Covid-19 than DJT can. It’s this personal connection that may make all the difference.
  • There are probably any number of Republicans that would support her just to get her autograph.
  • My gut says that Oprah would be perceived as being more “caring” about the children going back to school and “the risks” that parents are taking.
  • The VP slot becomes much less important and maybe you go with Senator Duckworth. They just need to do a good job debating with Pence which should be easy since Pence will have to defend the Trump record and the Democrat just needs to have the talking points to fight to a draw.
  • The entire MSM would be apoplectic.

So you’ve heard it here first — Covid-19, #BLM, and Joe Biden’s obviously declining mental state have teed up Oprah Winfrey to be the superhero that will save the day.

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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