Fredo Cuomo Blames Trump For Herman Cain’s Death


Fredo Cuomo Chinese Coronavirus

CNN anchor Chris “Fredo” Cuomo issued the hottest of takes last night regarding the death of former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. Cain passed away yesterday at the age of 74 due to complications from the Chinese Coronavirus. Fredo didn’t mince any words when he flat out blamed President Trump for killing Herman Cain.

Strong words from a man so severely outraged at President Trump’s supposed failure to bring this pandemic to heel.

I can’t help but wonder, however, where was Fredo’s outrage when his brother, Andrew, began shoving patients infected with the Chinese Coronavirus into nursing homes? I don’t remember Fredo using his platform to condemn his brother when Governor Cuomo forced these nursing homes to accept Chinese Coronavirus patients. Did Fredo scream from the roof tops when it was discovered that his brother’s disastrous policies killed at least 6,000 of New York’s most vulnerable citizens? Citizens that Andrew Cuomo was elected to protect?

Of course not. Andrew and Fredo spent their evenings on CNN yucking it up as families were forced to bury their parents and grandparents.

There are many things that infuriate me about this government-sponsored pandemic. Perhaps the worst of all is the absolute rank hypocrisy and selective outrage the Left employs. Attacking President Trump and Republican governors for spiking Chinese Coronavirus cases while ignoring the fact that New York has more deaths per capita than any other state is positively ghoulish. An honest news media would ensure that a politician that’s failed as thoroughly as Andrew Cuomo has would be drawn and quartered in a public square.

Instead, we have “journalists” like Fredo Cuomo covering up the real monsters of this pandemic.


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