California To Newsom: Screw You!


California Gavin Newsom Screw you

California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered all California beaches and wineries (but not his own winery) closed this weekend amid a surge in Chinese Coronavirus cases. California health officials have evidently identified regular social gatherings as the source of the Chinese Coronavirus surge.

California Newsom Screw You BLM
I’m sure it had nothing to do with any protests…

Yesterday, however, Californians delivered a clear message to Gavin Newsom and his illegal, heavy-handed stay at home orders. Residents of Newport Beach flocked to the beaches on Independence Day.

Surfers turned out to take advantage of massive swells that moved into the area on the 4th of July.

Eventually the cops moved in and fenced off the beaches in order to enforce Dictator Newsom’s closure edict.

Perhaps the biggest middle finger to Governor Newsom came from the citizens of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles County Public Health Department had cancelled all 4th of July fireworks in the county due to the Chinese Coronavirus.

That didn’t stop the good citizens of Los Angeles from holding their own massive fireworks display with the city itself as the backdrop. All while local news fretted about the “illegal fireworks” of course.

Americans declared their independence from tyranny nearly 250 years ago. Yesterday, Californians celebrated their independence by ignoring the dictates from a modern tyrant, Governor Gavin Newsom.

Californians stood up as one and delivered a collective “screw you” to their would-be masters.

I wonder if Governor Newsom will get the message?


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