Beware Fake Trump Supporters

Words to live by…

Fake Trump Supporters

Things are pretty rough for Trump supporters right now. The media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) are going full tilt balls to the wall painting us as a bunch of hillbilly racists who can barely string two words together. Poll after poll tells us that Joementia is winning by double digits in every single state in the Union. Long time GOP operatives spend more energy fighting their own candidate than they do the Democrats.

Fake Trump Supporters Reek
Looking at you, Reek…

Feels a lot like 2016, doesn’t it?

Perhaps the most insidious thing facing Trump supporters is that many of their own number are very publicly turning on the president they once supported. They see a fake news story about how President Trump is planning something that goes against the very core of his administration’s values (like, for example, DACA amnesty…again). These “conservatives” then proceed to very loudly and publicly proclaim that Trump is an idiot that doesn’t know what he’s doing. A moron that after 4 years still hasn’t turned into the beloved right-wing dictator they wanted him to be.

Obviously, idiot President Drumpf is going to lose bigly because he refuses to trust their plan for what he needs to do as leader of the free world.

Nine times out of ten these fake Trump supporters come back to the Trump train once fake news is proven to be exactly that. Of course, they also inevitably jump off the Trump train once again when the next fake news story/poll/whatever comes along.

Brian Cates of the Epoch Times crafted a rather sublime Twitter thread calling out these fake Trump supporters for what they are. It’s very long, but definitely worth taking the time to read, and I have presented Cates’ thread below in its entirety.

Beware fake Trump supporters. They will lead you astray and cause you to take your eye off the ball for November.

Follow them and we all lose.


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