Winn-Dixie Changing Its Name Cause George Floyd

What in the hell?

Winn Dixie Name Change

Just when you think we’ve reached peak stupid in this timeline some moron comes along and proves that people are so much dumber than we even know.

Today’s Woke Moron is the Winn-Dixie grocery store chain. A staple of the Southeastern United States, TMZ is reporting that Winn-Dixie may be getting ready to drop “Dixie” from its name. The reason? George Floyd and Racism (capital R) of course:

Sources at Winn-Dixie tell TMZ … the supermarket chain — billed as a southern heritage brand serving Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi — is considering changing its name because, just like The Chicks, it deems the term “Dixie” as problematic due to ties to the old south and its way of thinking.


Written by Radius

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