Trump Wants To Bring Grenell Back

Yes please…

Richard Grenell

Technically former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell never left the Trump administration. Grenell is currently serving as a presidential special envoy for Serbia and Kosovo peace negotiations.

President Trump, however, has stated in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller that he would like Richard Grenell-America’s first openly gay ambassador-to serve at a higher level in his administration once again.

“Give him a breather, and I’d love to have him back,” Trump said of Grenell.

When asked what position he would like to appoint Grenell to, the president said he did not know, but that it would be a “high-level” one.

“I don’t know, but he’ll come back in some form, at a high level. He was fantastic, the job he did,” Trump added. “He did a fantastic job. So, I believe that justice will be served. I hope that justice will be served, and I believe justice will be served.”

Richard Grenell has been a staunch Trump supporter ever since he was appointed US Ambassador to Germany. Grenell’s term as the acting Directer of National Intelligence was marked by the declassification of numerous documents showing the extent to which the Obama administration unmasked Trump campaign staff.

Grenell also began an overhaul of the intelligence department, firing two long time leaders and replacing them with his own personal picks.

Personally, I would love to see Grenell be shuffled through the highest positions at various agencies, draining the swamp and firing Obama and Bush era hires as he goes. Trump has precious few personnel that actually support and believe in his America First vision. Grenell has proven time and again that he’s on the side of President Trump and America.

Plus, Grenell cleaning house would piss off the Left to no end. A bonus if ever there was one.


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