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The NYT’s Latest Intel ‘Bombshell’ Was A Lie


Earlier this weekend the New York Slimes…err…Times broke the “story” that the Russians had been paying bounties to Taliban members in Afghanistan for American troops. When asked for comment the White House responded that they had no clue what the NYT was talking about. Naturally, the story was spun to mean President Trump was looking the other way while Russians paid terrorists to kill American troops.

There had been some reports that this particular item had been left out of the Presidential Daily Briefing for whatever reason. Now, however, it turns out that the NYT’s latest intel “bombshell” was a complete and utter lie.

RedState reported that various intel officials have been trying to confirm the NYT’s story since Friday, but have been unable to find any shred of evidence to support it.

Looks like the New York Times made up yet another slanderous accusation against President Trump in an attempt to further drive a wedge between Trump and his base.


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