The Costs of Treating Medical Conditions

A Personal Look

As most of the regular readers here know, I have been battling “The Beast” (Prostate Cancer) for about four years now.  The treatments for the Beast are all medication based, which is hormonal therapy. The good news is that I have responded well to such treatments.

In America today, there is an ongoing controversy about Big Pharma, medicine costs and of course, Medicare Plan D or other insurance paying for the cost of medical treatments. I thought that it would be appropriate to at least bring to light the costs of what my own treatments are costing to illustrate just how bad a mess things are when treating chronic diseases.  (I am at the  phase now where my CA is considered “chronic.”)

I received a bill this week for Medical Claims processed between Feb 14 and Mar 29, 2020. The bill covers just a portion of what it is taking to keep me alive. Here is what has been paid.

Feb 14 –  Zometa Injection and other services       $ 1,113

Feb 28 – Xtandi                                                     $11,569

Feb 25 –  Heart Stress Test                                    $ 1,274

Mar 13 – Zometa and Lupron Injections                $ 7,105

Mar 28 – Xtandi                                                     $11,569

Apr 28 –  Xtandi                                                     $11,569

May  8 – Zometa Injection                                    $     615

May 28 – Xtandi                                                    $11,569

The total costs for the 4 month period is $56,373.

(Xtandi is a daily dose by pill, 4 per day, each pill costing $100. Lupron is a quarterly injection. Zometa was a monthly injection delivered by IV, but goes quarterly now.)

What is frightening about this number is that it does not include other 3rd party payments, or other procedures that might be incurred throughout the year, things necessary to evaluate progress and keep me healthy like CT scans, colonoscopy, x-rays and other procedures.

My medical costs per year will run between $175k and $200k.  If something special arises, then the cost goes up significantly, especially if it requires a hospital stay.

Utilizing a Cost/Benefit Analysis, the truth is that with what I contribute to society in my retirement years, I do not warrant the costs associated with keeping me alive.

This is truly scary stuff, looking at the numbers from a Cost/Benefit Analysis perspective. It is no wonder that ObamaCare envisioned Death Panels. I must be truly grateful that the Panels were not fully instituted.

The question arises as to what happens in the future? Will people in the same position as I am be left to die when financial strains get worse? Can medical costs be gotten under control so as to relieve financial pressures on the insurance system? The health care system?

I don’t know the answers. All I know is that I am relieved and grateful that I am still around to annoy Rubbish, Bruno and the other Moderators with my Cuckservative views.

Have a Great Day and give this some thought when you have time.  And remember…..

LIFE IS GOOD!!!  (As long as you wake up each morning and are able to get out of bed.)


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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