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It’s story time!

Tell us a story. It can be about anything. I don’t know about you but everything in the news has gotten just plain boring or is so annoying that I just can’t take it any longer. So tell us a story in the comments from your life that you just want to tell because you want to tell it.

Also, if you’d like to win this @Allen 9″ handgun bag, make mention of that in the story and I’ll pick someone to have it. The bag is mostly new or at least guaranteed to not have any trace DNA left.

Here’s a story about focus groups. Company I worked for had become convinced that it had major quality problems primarily due to one salesman reporting numerous complaints from a large customer. I was in marketing at the time and we really couldn’t find any systemic issues other than the hundreds of small issues that never seemed to get fixed.

The Marketing VP decided that there should be a focus group where the customer with the complaints would be in a room with a variety of other customers and a couple prospective customers [Note]. We’d all sit behind a one-way mirror and get an ear-full.

If you’ve never done one of these, the interesting thing is that people forget immediately that there are other people behind the one way mirror because they’re concentrating on impressing those they’re seated with.

Anyway, none of the questions the moderator was asking were getting to any specificity so the moderator asked for a break so he could speak with us for some guidance. We then watched the ‘disgruntled customer’ say to one of the prospects “so you don’t own their product now I gather. What you’ll really be impressed with is their QUALITY. I just tell them their quality sucks because their sales guy gives me a big discount when I do!”

Yeah, OK, it’s not a very good story but it popped into my brain today and now it’s out of my brain. I’m quite sure you can have a lot better story to add in the comments.

[Note] Yes it was stupid to put the prospects in the room BUT the VP of Sales couldn’t resist doing it so he could spy on the prospects and learn any objections the prospects might have so they could close the sale.

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