Norm Coleman: Defund and disband Minneapolis City Hall leadership

Petard hoist…

A little schadenfreude for Spartans today:

The people of Minneapolis have every right to ask their elected officials who are promoting eliminating the Police Department why this solution is better than all the other solutions they’ve offered up for decades that didn’t stop racism, violence and bad cops who failed their city.

Why didn’t they protect the people of Minneapolis?

Why didn’t they protect good cops from bad cops?

Why didn’t they stop their city from burning?

Mayors Frey, Rybak and Hodges and the City Council all claim they were impotent because the police union was too strong for them.

If that is true then the remedy isn’t to defund and disband the Police Department.

It’s time to defund and disband the current elected leadership at Minneapolis City Hall and find people with the courage and conviction to protect all of the people of Minneapolis, all of the time, everywhere in the city.

Now look, Norm is #NeverTrump and hasn’t been relevant in Minnesota politics since Al Franken’s trunk load of last minute ballots sent him into retirement, but still…

The best thing is that The Strib published this, which means The Downtown Business Big Cigars are getting nervous with all The Wokeness of the City Council.

Funny Norm Coleman story:

When Norm ran for mayor of St. Paul back in the day there was a big Irish political family of good Catholic Coleman’s that ruled the roost at the State Capital and local level as well.

Norm was a Jew.

But St. Paul was an Irish town and the Coleman name was enough that he won.

Afterwards the Irish voters found out they had not voted in a Good Catholic Lad but A Member of the Tribe.

Hilarity ensued.

Gotta love the Irish tho…

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