New Trump Ad Ties Riots Directly To Democrats

Uh Oh…

Riots Democrats

Earlier this evening President Trump released a brand new campaign ad tying the Democrats-and Joe “Joementia” Biden in particular-directly to the violence currently plaguing Democrat-run cities across the country.

The ad is damning to say the least…

Democrats have spent the last few weeks praising and even promoting violent, anarchist protests in the wake of the death of George Floyd. The Democrat party has apparently decided that supporting a racist, admittedly Marxist movement is their ticket into the White House in November. Some conservatives have also bizarrely reached the same conclusion.

I’ll let Brian Cates of the Epoch Times explain why this is an absolutely crazy argument.

This latest ad from the Trump campaign sets the tone for what the months leading up to Election Night will hold. President Trump and the Republicans will relentlessly hammer the Democrats for allowing Black Lives Matter and Antifa to run roughshod over the citizens under their protection.

An ad like this is absolutely devastating, and it shows the Trump campaign will make the Democrats choke on their own words.


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