New Poll Shows Trump Beating Joementia In Wisconsin

Oh my…

Trump Joementia Wisconsin

Americans have been treated to a variety of fake news polls the last few weeks showing Joe Biden (hereafter known as Joementia) beating President Trump by double digits. Several of these polls have been pushed by former conservative bulwark Fox News.

All of these polls oversampled Democrats by a wide margin.

All of them were designed to depress President Trump’s support and put Joementia over the top.

Sunday, however, a new Trafalgar Group poll was released that showed good news for President Trump, and bad news for Joementia:

President Donald Trump leads presumptive Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden by a slim margin in swing-state Wisconsin, according to a Trafalgar Group poll released Sunday.

Georgia-based political strategist Robert Cahaly, who owns the Trafalgar Group, was the only pollster in 2016 to predict Trump’s upset victory over Hillary Clinton. Trump beat Clinton in Wisconsin, 47.2% to 46.5% in 2016.

Trump leads Biden, 45.5% to 44.6%. The poll also shows 7.5% voting for “other candidates” and 2.4% as undecided.

Wisconsin is considered one of the must-win swing states for the 2020 presidential election.

Cahaly said his polling also showed Biden in trouble in another swing-state, Michigan. According to a survey Cahaly conducted of 1,101 likely general election voters showed Biden ahead by less than a percentage point.

We were assured by Democrats, the mainstream media, and faux conservatives that President Trump has no chance in November. The Trafalgar Group has evidence that says otherwise.

I have a feeling President Trump is ahead even more than they know.


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