My Memes Prove That I’m Not a Racist

I hope everyone is having a fantastic time out virtue signaling their social media neighbors. This year feels like we’re living in that episode of The Orville where everyone’s actions & fate is decided entirely by upvotes & downvotes.

Let’s start with Willy Wonka asking an honest question:

I wonder if Bill Kristol is pushing for Mattis to join forces with Two Faced Mittens. The Two Faced Ticket!

Two Faced Mattis

One of these things is not like the other, but the company is stunning & brave, so they’ll get a pass:

Checking in with the Biden campaign:

Blue Checkie: BURN IT DOWN!! Normies: Ok, let’s start with your stuff! Blue Checkie: DURRR:

“It’s working!” – says the same person who claims the lockdowns stopped the Wuhan Wobbles from spreading

Deep thoughts on Doggos:

The new OK:

Guess they should’ve asked the dumpster if it was on their side first:

Cheap laugh:

His major campaign issue:

Now if they were looting the restaurant, they’d be ok:

Well, at least you know where to not go for an eye exam:

Image may contain: text that says 'Repeat after me, "Retinal." One more time, Retinal." Free rectal photography WP every Eye Test xR AT0003 HT'

This should also include most US Corporations these days “because it’s cheap!”

Red Dragon

Sorry ladies, but we’d totally see this as a challenge

Ok, that’s all for today. I’m sure you’d like to speak to my manager. If so, just leave a message after the beep:

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