MY LITTLE PONY is a Nazi racist

Weekend Open Thread Friday – Sunday

Just when you think we’ve hit Peak 2020:

My Little Pony fans have had a Nazi problem for a long time.

That sounds just as strange no matter how many times you say it. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a cartoon television show about friendship, compassion, and a group of magical horses with names such as Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy who live in a fantastical land called Equestria. It’s marketed to children. Nevertheless, it has an extremely dedicated adult fandom, which is mostly made up of men, or “bronies,” as they’ve been referred to for nearly a decade. Most of these men are white. Some of these men are vocal white supremacists.

My Little Pony fandom’s problem twofold. Members who want to tear the fan community away from the active racists will also have to disentangle themselves from a long-held commitment to anything-goes uploading and a willful ignorance of the significance of political imagery. The concept of complicity has become clearer to a greater percentage of white Americans in the past several weeks, Gilbert said. A fandom that used to “ignore” politics is now being asked to acknowledge that it actually has made political choices—by valuing the “free speech” of some over the comfort and safety of many others.

I mean I knew there were Nazi Furries but a rainbow tailed cartoon pony?

WTF Dude.

Anyway, my work here is done.

Spending the rest of The Weekend with my good pals Jimbo Beam and John-Boy Walker…

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