Kurt Schlichter: Stop Your Damn Whining!

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Kurt Schlichter Whining

Much hay has been made in conservative circles about the state of the country. Democrat-run cities are burning as rioters are given free reign to loot and destroy as they see fit. Democrat mayors and police chiefs refuse to back up their law enforcement officials, or worse, throw them under the bus whenever the going gets tough. Statues that have stood for decades are being torn down and defaced by rabid mobs.

The Chinese Coronavirus has been an ever-lurking threat for the past few months. The disease itself isn’t especially dangerous to anyone who isn’t old and infirm, but (Democrat) officials are chomping at the bit to lock everything down again.

Our nation is being tested like it hasn’t been in decades. Some conservatives old enough to remember have made comparisons to the unrest that plagued the 1960s. Still, others are saying they’ve never seen anything like the current climate in their lifetime.

Against this backdrop I’ve started to see an increasing number of conservatives losing hope. The mainstream media is gaslighting like never before. Fake News has blown the rioters up to the point where one could easily perceive a massive cultural shift to the Left.

Perhaps most disturbing is the number of conservatives literally begging President Trump to throw out the Constitution and send in the military directly to quell the violence. Some are a few steps away from openly pining for Trump to become a Pinochet-style dictator ready to hand out free helicopter rides like it’s 1973.

I had planned on penning a deep, insightful missive to take these conservatives to task, however, I’ve been awake since about one in the morning dealing with an irate six year old. Instead, I’ll let the great Kurt Schlichter do the job for me in a quick little Twitter thread he posted just after an angry mob failed to tear down a statue of Andrew Jackson near the White House.

Yes, things look bleak.

Yes, the polls are showing President Trump down massively in the face of the light breeze that is Joementia. I’m old enough to remember back when the polls said Hillary Clinton had a 92% chance of winning the presidency. How did that work out for the Left?

The Left has followed the same playbook from 2016 and it hasn’t worked.

The Left tried to shut everything down and crash the country with a pandemic. That didn’t work either.

Now, when the Left has run out of all other options, they cut the leash from their Antifa dogs and tell them to do their worst. Show me a man who resorts to violence, and I’ll show you a man who has run out of options.

The Left has definitely run out of options.

We win if we step back and take a breath to assess the situation. Instead of whining for a right-wing dictator to shout “HOOTY HOO” and begin the righteous, patriotic fires of a cleansing boogaloo focus on real solutions.

Call your congressperson frequently to let them know how pissed off you are about things. Don’t assume that email will do the trick. It takes less than a second to click the delete button on an email. It’s a lot harder to deal with an irate constituent screaming about rabid Antifa goons trying to tear down a national landmark.

We win if we stay united and support President Trump any way we can. We lose if we do what the Left wants and give in to our fears.

It’s that simple.


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