Cubans4Trump Crashed A #BlackLivesMatter Protest In Miami Lakes

Cubans4Trump #BlackLivesMatter Miami Lakes

Conservatives have been wondering when #BlackLivesMatter anarchists would receive some push back against their particular brand of unrest. America has been subjected to a steady diet of fake news meant to make them believe that a majority of the country supports the movement’s platform. Many have wondered if there was anyone left who would be willing to stand up to this admittedly Marxist movement.

Earlier today a #BlackLivesMatter protest was held in Miami Lakes, Florida. The proud patriots of Cubans4Trump caught wind of the protest and decided to hold their own counter demonstration.

When supporters of President Donald Trump caught wind of a Black Lives Matter protest planned for Sunday in Miami Lakes, they decided to counter it with their own event: a “caravan” of cars displaying American flags, Trump 2020 flags and “Blue Lives Matter” signs along the same street at the same time.

In a message circulated privately, the caravan organizers, led by a group called Cubans4Trump, said they would be “riding by in a massive caravan on opposite side of the street of a BLM sit in.” They asked people not to announce the event publicly, but word got out after someone posted the message Saturday on Twitter.

Around 3 p.m. Sunday, a group of about 25 Black Lives Matter protesters held signs along busy Northwest 154th Street at 79th Court and chanted, “Say his name, George Floyd,” and “no justice, no peace, no racist police.” About an hour later, eight Miami-Dade police cars that had been idling nearby pulled into the median of the two-way street directly across from the protesters. Officers got out of the cars wearing riot gear.

“There was supposed to be a group of BLM up there doing a protest, but apparently, from what I’m understanding, it’s a very small group,” organizer Ariel Martinez posted from the Cubans4Trump Facebook page shortly before the caravan started. “So this is gonna be quite the surprise because this is a lot of cars, folks.”

Minutes after that, the pro-Trump brigade began. Dozens of cars rode past the protesters on the opposite side of the street, some sticking their heads through their sun roofs, waving flags and leaning on their horns. They circled the block several times, one time driving on the same side as the protesters — which prompted shouting matches and exchanges of middle fingers between the two sides — before police blocked off that side of the road.

“Don’t agitate,” the organizer of the Black Lives Matter protest, 19-year-old Miami Lakes resident Nina Zamora, told one fellow protester who seemed to be challenging a Trump supporter to cross the street onto their side.

One man carrying a large American flag walked past the Black Lives Matter protesters on foot, even while that side of the street was blocked off to cars. But a group of police officers approached him and led him away.

One reporter caught some video of the Cubans4Trump caravan as it drove past the assembled #BlackLivesMatter Marxists.

Marxist agitators and activists on Twitter were, in a word, quite triggered that the members of Cubans4Trump dared to stand up to their racist ideology.

Perhaps the reason Cubans4Trump decided to hold a counter-protest against #BlackLivesMatter is that they all had family members whose lives were upended by Marxist revolutionaries. Perhaps it’s because the Cubans who lived through Fidel Castro’s violent and bloody takeover of the island see #BlackLivesMatter emulating many of the same tactics.

Maybe, just maybe Cubans4Trump is trying to preserve the American way of life they’ve come to know and love over the last few decades.

Either way it’s nice to see true patriots standing up to Marxist bullies.


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