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Biden’s Job: Deliver First Black Female President

The Reason They WIll Vote For Joe…

Victor Davis Hanson has the most-spot on post ever about the real purpose of Joe Biden’s campaign: it’s a stealth action to put a social justice black female into the Presidency without having to run on a progressive platform.

The Plan is all laid out in detail here:

It is now conventional punditry that should Joe Biden win in November, his vice president, in 1944-style, will sooner rather than later become president.

Biden, to reboot and secure the identity-politics base, thought he had to discriminate by sex and race in advance by selecting his vice president. But given recent poor performances, Biden’s promise to select a woman or minority or both on the ticket is a wink-and-nod admission that she or he will soon be the real president while on the ballot as vice president.

You judge me as cognitively challenged and see in me the haggard visage of one increasingly trapped in his own world of incognizance. But you do that only because you worry that I must last as president until 2025. But I do not and never indulged any such fantasy. I need endure only to November 8, 2020. I am not running to be president, but to hand off the presidency to your vice president. Indeed, the quicker I depart after the November 8, the more I will be publicly esteemed — and the more I will be privately relieved. You may be embarrassed by my presence for the next five months, but you shall not be by my absence for the next four years. Perhaps tolerance for me cannot last for a year; but empathy for me certainly can at least last half a year until November.

Read the whole thing.

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