Avoiding the Traps of the Self Anointed Purity of Thought Arbiters

We live in strange times and I could not have envisioned the day I sat foot on the US soil that my understanding of double speak, code, and use of similarities and metaphors learned and practiced during the Nicolae Ceausescu’s Romania would one day be of use in America. So, for those wondering how to navigate the left increase censorship of conservative/right wing/independent voices on social media, I will offer a brief tutorial on how to avoid the traps of the self anointed purity of thought arbiters.

The first rule of outmaneuvering the censors is to never say exactly what you think but to cover your ideas under a blanket of words. Let me give some simple examples. Instead of saying BLM are domestic terrorists, use “these actions don’t help anybody.” Instead of saying that destroying statues of undesirables is an attack on our history and cultural heritage, one can say “such actions don’t correct the wrongs of the past.” These expressions convene the same truth but because they are not blunt, they cannot be considered hate speech.

The second rule is to understand that the censors will brand certain expressions as hate speech. For instance, saying “white lives matter” is a no, no. As long as the black supremacy Marxist rhetoric will be the standard of correct speech, any attempt to state the obvious will be branded as hate speech.

Third rule is the use of symbolism instead of words. Post a picture of the American flag or of an eagle with no comments. Post a caption of the Declaration of Independence. Post pictures that depict the majesty of America (Yosemite, Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon). Why some of the more intelligent of the leftists might understand the subliminal message they cannot openly accuse you of anything. Look for quotes from the classics that are relevant for today’s events. There are many, many quotes that can be used. Let me give you a few examples from the prophet, aka William Shakespeare:

  1. How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!’ (King Lear). Now, this is pretty obvious. We raised these screaming brats. We are responsible for the pain they inflict now over this country. Post this quote above a video of some 20 something screaming obscenities at the Police. That will make the point without saying things that the censors expect.
  2. Nothing will come of nothing. (King Lear). Translation is also obvious: nihilism and destruction will not create anything. Destruction for the sake of destruction will create a cultural desert.

  3. Lord, what fools these mortals be! (A Midsummer Night’s Dream). Post this with a video of the mayhem brought by the BLM and their kin. You don’t accuse them of anything but you express your disgust for their foolishness and criminal activities.

The fourth rule is to try not to say anything that could put your livelihood in jeopardy. That means avoid getting into spats with the crazies on the left, be them colleagues, relatives, friends, or Facebook “friends”. You cannot win with them. Let them speak and don’t engage with them because you cannot reason with them. While this is not the height of bravery, it might be a good thing to do at least for a while. You cannot be accused of things you have never said. Remember that these people live for the outrage. They look for it, they seek to be offended or to be contradicted. Don’t give them this satisfaction. Don’t’ get into back and forth with them. They act in the same way as the provocateurs of the Secret Police acted. They are also lazy. They move from target to target. They don’t have the patience to “work” on one person for too long. They are also attention seekers. If they see people don’t engage with them on Facebook, they revert to their old patterns of posting pictures of their kids and pets. This is my advice for those of us who still have a Facebook account. For those of us going on Twitter or other conversation boards please don’t use your real name, and use a generic email that cannot trace to you.

These are few suggestions. I don’t pretend to have all the answers but at least I offer some strategies that can help.

God bless America.


Written by clemycali


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