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2020 – How much more can America take?

America is facing its greatest threat since the Civil War

Since the election of Donald Trump as President on Nov 8, 2016, I have been vocal about 2020 being the most critical year in almost a century of American history. Expected was the nexus of numerous forces that would try to tear apart our great republic. Unfortunately, the first 5 months of 2020 have proven me correct.

The year began with the threat of a Presidential Impeachment by the Democrats. The grounds for impeachment were fraudulent, and the chance of conviction was zero. But Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff were not to be denied.

In their quest to impeach President Trump, the Democrats failed when the Senate voted to acquit on Feb 5, 2020. However, their failure was not a total failure. The Dems did  succeed in further driving a greater divide among the American population.

While impeachment was going on, America was unknowingly about to face an even greater threat to it’s security. This threat came from an unexpected direction.

China, apparently since Nov 2019, had been dealing with the outbreak of a new and deadly virus, now known as Covid – 19. This disease was spreading throughout China and by early January had established beachheads in both America and Europe.

Only in Feb 2020 was the presence of Covid-19 in America known. On Feb 29, the CDC would report that there were 22 cases in the US with 1 death. Two weeks later, there were tens of  thousands of cases present.

Thanks to the uncooperative Chinese in providing accurate details about Covid – 19, extreme measures would have to be taken to control the spread of the virus and to limit deaths from it. The complete economy of America would be shut down, people in every state confined to their homes, businesses closed with many lost forever, and over 40 million Americans put out of work.

By May 24th, America was slowly recovering from the Covid – 19 attack. Businesses were reopening, states and cities were loosening quarantine requirements, and many people were preparing to go back to work. But once again, new events would occur that would cause America to spiral out of control.

On May 25th, George Floyd was killed by four Minneapolis cops after trying to pass a counterfeit bill. Numerous videos of the event were taken and released on social media. Upon release of the videos and the failure to immediately arrest the cops, minorities and the radical elements took to the streets Monday evening. Riots and looting quickly ensued throughout the cities of Minneapolis and St Paul spurned on by Antifa and other groups.

It has been 8 days since the rioting and looting began. Businesses have been forced to close again. Others destroyed. People put out of work again. A few people have even died.

States have been at loss of what to do to stop the rioting. Many cities and states have adopted a policy of “restraint” and “letting it burn” to no avail.

President Trump remained on the sidelines, allowing the Governors and Mayors of our cities to put down the rioting themselves.  This has been a dismal failure that was expected, but had to play out. Now, the President has announced that if the leadership of the states cannot stop the rioting, then he will direct the Pentagon to send in Federal Troops to put down the insurrection.

Of  course, the howls of politicians, pundits and media can be heard all over.”Trump cannot do this! It is illegal! Trump is preparing to become dictator!”  These are the same people who were demanding that the President do something only hours before.

Once again, the death of George Floyd, the riots, and the response of politicians to President Trump’s effort to stop the looting and rioting serve to do nothing more except increase the divide in America.

With all that has happened so far in 2020, America has also “lost” the Memorial Day holiday, one of the most sacred holidays in the country. Independence Day celebrations have also been “cancelled” in many cities across this great land.

The NCAA Football and Basketball seasons for 2020 remain in limbo as does NFL Football. Schools and universities are weighing how they will reopen in the fall. Businesses and restaurants wonder how and if they will ever reopen.

The public worries if they will have jobs again when things begin to reopen. For many, it is wondering what they will do if their jobs do not return.

Far too many worry people about how to pay the rent, or mortgage, not to mention utility bills, other debt or even put food on the table.

As if this was not enough, on the horizon is the 2020 Presidential Election. It is guaranteed to be one of the most contentious elections in American history. One can only wonder what it will do to  Americans.

I ask…………….

How much more of this can America take in 2020?

I truly don’t know the answer to this. Does anyone?

Please provide your thoughts.

And as always….remember………….

LIFE IS GOOD!  (even when slapping you around.)




Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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