The Seven Assumptions of the Comfortably Numb

By Ritchie The Riveter

Reprinted by Permission of the Author
ASSUMPTION ONE: also known as The Biggest Lie of All: All you need to do is show up for work or go to school; we have experts who have the answers to your housing needs, your health care needs, your financial needs … no need to plan for your future or actively manage your career, since we can do a better job than you can; just trust us to solve those problems FOR you.

ASSUMPTION TWO: “Experts” and “leaders” are assumed to be functionally omniscient, to the degree that they can be trusted to make decisions for us at an individual level, better than we can ourselves.

ASSUMPTION THREE: Credentials, position, popularity, and presentation skills are reliable indicators of the intellect necessary to be an “expert” or “leader”. Conversely, the lack of such indicators is prima facie evidence of inferior intellect, and such a person and their ideas should be summarily dismissed as irrelevant to any discussion.

ASSUMPTION FOUR: The “Non-profit” are inherently virtuous, while the for-profit can NEVER be trusted and must be highly restrained to protect the rest of us.

ASSUMPTION FIVE: The opportunity for human error in decision-making can be diminished to practically zero, if enough rules are applied to “guide” that decision-making.

ASSUMPTION SIX: Ordinary people neither have the resources, nor the intellect, nor the virtue, to help themselves – or each other – in the “right” ways. Only “experts” and “leaders” can provide such help, and should be empowered with the resources and monopoly on coercive force held by the government to do so.

ASSUMPTION SEVEN:Establishing the “common good”, as defined at the current moment by our “experts” and “leaders”, is the primary mission of public institutions, particularly our government.

This is the root of almost every socio-economic dysfunction we have today … a set of assumptions that are so banal, they are embraced as The Way Things Are and beyond questioning … a banality that leaves us “comfortably numb”; numb to our vulnerability to the oncoming peril, because of the BLIND trust in “experts” and “leaders” who tell us that everything is all right, and that personal prudence is not necessary because these notables have our backs … even when those notables wear the labels of Republican Libertarian, Constitution, or other “conservative” monikers.

We must abandon these assumptions, or we will continue to decline until one day we find ourselves in the ruins of Utopia.


Written by Guest Author


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