Nasty Leftists Drag Eric Trump On Memorial Day

Disgusting and pathetic…

Leftists Eric Trump Memorial Day

Memorial Day is, for many Americans, a day off from work that comes in between New Year’s Eve and Labor Day. They might spend their time with family having fun in the great outdoors (social distancing…or else). Maybe they gather to watch some good old American sportsball (maybe next year, plebs). Perhaps they just sit on the couch in their pajamas lazily scrolling through Netflix and wondering where their lives went wrong.

Many Americans, however, view Memorial Day for what it actually is-a day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom. They may have a family member who died in one of the recent conflicts in the Middle East, or a relative who shed their blood on battlefields past. Many more Americans haven’t lost anyone to the ravages of war, but instead choose to spend time reflecting on those who did.

Eric Trump is one American who did just that. Eric Trump, to my knowledge, hasn’t lost a family member to war. None of his relatives gave their lives so that the grand experiment in freedom started so many centuries ago could continue one more day. That’s just fine. Military service certainly isn’t for everyone. It was enough for many Americans that Eric Trump took time out of his day to post a message of thanks and remembrance for all those men and women who made his life in the greatest nation on Earth possible.

Leftists, however, saw Eric Trump’s tweet as an opportunity once again to attack him in the most disgusting ways they could possibly think of. Rather than put aside politics for just one God damn minute, these disgusting cretins bared their evil souls for all the world to see.

It’s absolutely disgusting that the Left refuses to join with conservatives in honoring the men and women who died so that they could feel free to post their hate on social media. It’s not unexpected, however. The Left hates the military. Naturally, they would hate anyone who honored it.

Each and every one of these Leftists is a disgusting, evil, ghoulish person.


Written by Radius

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