Minneapolis is Burning Weekend Open Thread

Sparta’s Place to Shelter in Place

Two things:

I’ve seen a lot of Weirdness in These Here Parts over the years but seeing people walking, driving or riding bike ALONE wearing masks is just creepy strangeness.

And of all the pathetic, incompetent and  venal Mayors I’ve endured over the years Jacob Frey, the current Boy Mayor, is hands down the most pathetic, incompetent and venal I’ve ever seen.


If The Riots don’t spread to Other Cities over the weekend I’ll eat my Bat Gruel cold for a month…

Update (Doomberg, May 30, 4:30 EST):

The rioters seem to be massing outside the fifth precinct, and there are concerns this could go on for many more days.

Update (Doomberg, May 30, 8:40 EST):

It’s looking bad in Minneapolis as 7,000 protesters seem ready to swarm the embattled fifth precinct, which barely fought them off last night.

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