Libertarian Jo Jorgensen Snatches #ImWithHer From Hillary


Jo Jorgensen #ImWithHer

Former Libertarian vice presidential pick Jo Jorgensen made history yesterday by becoming the Libertarian Party’s first female nominee for president. Jorgensen ran a hard-fought campaign and ended up beating fellow candidates Jacob Hornberger and Vermin Supreme after four rounds of voting.

Jo Jorgensen Vermin Supreme
Pictured: Vermin Supreme, the guy who won third place…

Jo Jorgensen celebrated her win by snatching Hillary Clinton’s signature hashtag, #ImWithHer, from her cold, dead hands.

Hillary-supporting Leftists-aka, losers-were super pissed to put it mildly.

Apparently the Krassenstein wives are just as moronic as their husbands. I wonder how long until Twitter bans this one, too?

Actually, Kash, Jo is the one who encouraged it. I get the argument, but why not let her use #ImWithHer if she feels like it. I’m sure she can make better use of it than Crooked Hillary.

There’s no word yet on what Hillary Clinton thinks of Jo Jorgensen swiping #ImWithHer for her (apparently) Russian dark horse campaign. I can’t imagine she’ll be thrilled with the news after she wakes up from the previous evening spent wallowing in self pity after realizing she’ll never be president.

Jo Jorgensen #ImWithHer Hillary Clinton
Drink the pain away…

Despite being a registered Libertarian for a brief period when I was young and stupid (and John McCain was the GOP flavor of the month…), I’ll never support a Libertarian candidate myself. Often, Libertarians are just slightly to the right of far Left Democrats. They’ll still take your guns, your property, and tax the gold fillings in your teeth, but they’ll let you smoke some free government weed while they do it.

That being said, I think it’s absolutely delicious that Jo Jorgensen (what a fun name to say) has “repurposed” Hillary Clinton’s signature hashtag while simultaneously calling her out for being fake as hell. The fact that she’s monumentally pissed off the entire Left at the same time is just icing on the cake.

In this case, I think I’ll make an exception to my earlier rule and state that I am emphatically, 100% supporting Jo Jorgensen in this matter.



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