Andrew Cuomo Celebrates Flattening The Curve In New York

A grim milestone reached…

Andrew Cuomo Butcher

Yesterday was a milestone for New York as Chinese Coronavirus related deaths dropped below 100 people in a day for the first time since the outbreak began. New York governor Andrew Cuomo posted the good news on Twitter.

Naturally, Cuomo was met with fawning applause by the many bots…err…appreciative citizens of New York.

It’s worth reminding everyone that Andrew Cuomo, the “great leader,” is responsible for many thousands of New York’s most vulnerable citizens dying from the Chinese Coronavirus. Remember, it was Andrew Cuomo who issued an order stating that New York nursing homes were required to admit patients that tested positive for the Chinese Coronavirus. Cuomo issued this order March 25, weeks after the world knew that the Chinese Coronavirus was extremely deadly to the elderly.

Andrew Cuomo doubled down on the order in April, saying that nursing homes had no right to reject Chinese Coronavirus patients:

“They don’t have a right to object. That is the rule and that is the regulation and they have to comply with that,” Cuomo said during his daily briefing in Albany.

Andrew Cuomo finally reversed his horrible decision May 10 after a veritable tsunami of criticism was set to crash into him. Rather than take responsibility for an order that resulted in 4,500 Chinese Coronavirus patients being discharged into nursing homes, however, Cuomo attempted to deflect blame for the debacle to President Trump.

“Great Leader” indeed.

Unfortunately, Andrew Cuomo’s gross incompetence and negligence directly led to the deaths of 5,800 nursing home residents in the state of New York. Those 5,800 residents killed are just the ones that we know about as the result of an independent investigation by the Associated Press. New York has refused to release the actual numbers due to the need to verify incomplete data.

Andrew Cuomo forced nursing homes to admit Chinese Coronavirus patients knowing that the virus was disproportionately deadly to the residents. Andrew Cuomo initially claimed he had no idea about the order when asked. Andrew Cuomo doubled down on the order over one month later after thousands of elderly New Yorkers had already been killed. Andrew Cuomo waited nearly two months to rescind his order. Andrew Cuomo refused to take responsibility for deaths that he directly caused, instead attempting to blame President Trump for an order that Cuomo’s office issued.

Andrew Cuomo has the blood of literally thousands of New Yorkers on his hands. Potentially tens of thousands. We won’t know until the state releases the full official death toll from the Chinese Coronavirus-if they ever do.

Andrew Cuomo is no “great leader.” He’s a butcher who has killed thousands of his state’s most vulnerable citizens.


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