Will Barack’s Wife Agree to Run for VP?

We’ve been down this particular discussion road before but I feel the need to go down it again. For all of you who’ve just screamed at your computer “Michelle won’t because she . . .,” you simply don’t understand Democrats or Liberals. Allow me to enlighten you.

Democrats and Liberals in particular see everything through the filter of various constituent groups. We, on the other hand, see everything through the filter of individual freedom. For them it’s all about what’s best for the hive or, if you will, the collective. A hive where each individual does their own by its very definition is an impossibility and they’re just the ones to fix it.

The calculation of whether Barack’s wife would agree to run for VP is solely based on whether Barack H. Obama can be convinced that he and he alone can save the country from the Orange Man. It has nothing to do with his wife. It has everything to do with quickly re-appealing to all the constituent groups that Barack appeals to in a team effort to defeat the Orange Man and continue on the path to remake the country (which has been significantly helped along by the China virus!)

The entire calculation is based on whether Barack H. Obama wants to serve in government again with the likelihood of having to serve two more terms. It has nothing to do with his wife! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE THIRD AND FOURTH TERMS OF BARACK OBAMA!

Why? The role of the Vice President, as described in the Constitution, is to . . . well, actually, there’s nothing there and most Vice Presidents just sit around doing virtually nothing all that useful at all. Barack’s wife is perfectly suited for this role!

“But Barack’s wife is a bad campaigner?” Has there ever been a VP candidate who was a good campaigner? Not in my lifetime! The VP only has to mimic the words of the presidential candidate. In this instance, Barack’s wife only has to say “my husband showed the way by . . .” and repeat either campaign points or some aspects of his presidency. No new thinking is required here.

The riskiest proposition would be a debate between Barack’s wife and VP Pence. The results of the VP debates are basically irrelevant as long as no one lands a fatal blow. I think Barack’s wife would do just fine. VP Pence would be on defense having to defend the Orange Man and Barack’s wife could utter all sorts of unsubstantiated nonsense. I’m pretty sure she’d do that really well.

The senility of a President Biden actually becomes a plus here since the question of “who is a heartbeat away?” is Barack Obama’s wife whose Chief-of-Staff would be Barack Obama. I’m old enough to remember that Bill Clinton ran on the “team” of him and Hillary. It just so happens that Hillary isn’t nearly the politician she thinks she is. Barack Obama’s wife wouldn’t make the same mistake — she’d let her Chief-of-Staff do the heavy lifting. At the very least, wherever Michelle went, Barack was sure to go!

In the end, it’s all about Barack Obama’s desire to reengage with all of their special interest groups and convince them that they would have have the same seat at the table of power as they had when he was president.

I think the best scenario for Barack and his wife is one where Joe stays on the ticket so that they’re only committed to about 3 1/2 months of campaigning and if they lose, it’s Joe’s fault; no harm, no foul. If Joe happens to win and doesn’t become more mentally incompetent than he already is, then Michelle has to play VP for four years and then run for president if she and Barack want to.

If, however, Barack is happy enough kicking back and enjoying retirement, that’s the deal killer. He may well be telling the Party that he’s done and they need to find someone else. We’ll see. He doesn’t really need to make up his mind until the convention in mid-August and that will depend on Joe Biden’s mental health.

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