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Chinese Coronavirus Crap

China has spent the last few months attempting to take full advantage of the chaos caused by the outbreak of Chinese Coronavirus. The Chinese Communist Party-with the help of the World Health Organization and a fawning American media-has managed to position itself as a “world health leader” by “donating” supplies to Western countries stricken by the Chinese Coronavirus. What they haven’t been donating they’ve been “selling” at a discount.

Except the crap that China keeps selling and “donating” to Western nations doesn’t actually work.

Take the United Kingdom for example. The British government purchased nearly 3.5 million antibody test kits from China. These kits are supposed to be able to determine whether or not someone has actually had the Chinese Coronavirus. Many consider antibody test kits to be critical to deciding whether or not a country can be opened back up.

Tuesday, the UK’s Chinese Coronavirus testing chief admitted that absolutely none of the test kits purchased from China were worth the cheap plastic they were printed on.

The UK government’s new testing chief has admitted that none of the 3.5 million antibody tests ordered from China are fit for widespread use.

Professor John Newton, who was appointed by health secretary Matt Hancock to oversee testing, reportedly said the tests were only able to identify immunity in people who had been severely sick with coronavirus.

The tests did not pass the evaluation stage, and he was quoted by The Times as saying they were “not good enough to be worth rolling out in very large scale”.

I’m sure the UK government was able to get a sweet deal on those useless test kits. Maybe they can melt them down to make a statue to remind themselves never to buy useless crap from China again.

Britain isn’t the only country plagued with faulty Chinese merchandise. Turkey ordered some sample Chinese Coronavirus test kits from China only to reject them after finding the kits were only 30-35% accurate.

Luckily the Turks ordered a fresh batch of test kits…from another Chinese company (emphasis added):

The Turkish government has cast aside a sample of Chinese-made coronavirus rapid testing kits after finding out that they gave inaccurate results, a Turkish official confirmed to Middle East Eye on Friday.

“We have received some samples from the company,” the official said. “We didn’t find them viable and ordered some other testing kit models from a separate Chinese company.”

The official did not say how many kits were concerned, while noting that they hadn’t yet been used with the wider public.

China Facepalm

Perhaps the Turks and the Brits should have talked to Spain. The Spanish bought 340,000 Chinese Coronavirus test kits from China weeks ago. I’ll give you three guesses as to how that went.

You’ll only need one, though:

Hundreds of thousands of rapid coronavirus test kits purchased by Spain from China do not work as expected, a report said Thursday.

The report in the Spanish daily El Pais is based on sources in a large Spanish hospital that has tested some of the 340,000 kits upon their arrival.

“The rapid tests, manufactured by the Chinese company Bioeasy, based in Shenzhen, have a sensitivity of 30%, when it should be higher than 80%,” the sources told El Pais.

One of the microbiologists who studied the kits said, “With that value it does not make sense to use these tests.”

The daily said Spain’s Health Ministry confirmed the the tests’ low efficiency late Wednesday. The ministry recalled the tests from use and told the manufacturer to replace them.

The kicker here is the Spanish told the manufacturer they received the first batch of gimp tests from to replace the tests. The same manufacturer.

Not even Jesus wants to take that wheel.

The Dutch managed to score over 600,000 face masks from China to help protect their healthcare professionals and citizens. They recalled the masks after figuring out they’d be better off fashioning their own masks out of discarded tulips.

The Netherlands is the latest country to reject China-made coronavirus testing kits and other protective gear, calling the items substandard and raising serious questions about the quality of the supplies Beijing is selling to the world.

The Netherlands joins Spain, Turkey, Georgia, and the Czech Republic in their concerns over masks and test kits. The claims come as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases surge in the United States and Europe, highlighting the dependence many countries have on Chinese imports.

The Dutch health ministry said over the weekend that it was forced to recall 600,000 face masks that were shipped from China on March 21 after they were found to be faulty. Some of the masks failed to fit the mouth properly while others were found to have insufficient filters, the government said.

“Health care workers have been informed and told not to use the masks. Due to the shortages, we can find ourselves in a situation where only protective equipment is available that does not meet the highest standards,” the health ministry said in a statement. “This is an issue in all countries.”

The Czech Republic found itself left holding the bag after finding out the 300,000 test kits it purchased from China were absolute crap:

The Czech Republic has also found itself on the short end of a similar bargain, finding out the 300,000 kits it’d bought this week for $1.83 million to carry out its 900 daily tests were only 20 percent accurate. The EU Medicine Agency’s guidelines, on par with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC), require that tests be 80 percent accurate on average.

This prompted Prague’s mayor, Zdenek Hrib, to tell the Chinese exactly where they could shove their “humanitarian aid:”

Not now, not ever.

That’s the message the mayor of Prague has for Chinese officials desperate to rebrand Beijing as a global superpower by selling supplies and offering aid to countries around the world struggling to fight coronavirus.

“This isn’t a humanitarian gift or aid,” Zdenek Hrib told Bloomberg News on Friday. “From China’s perspective, it’s business.”

At least Italy was able to purchase some quality goods from the Chinese. The Italians managed to get a great deal on some personal protective equipment from China that would go a long way towards helping their healthcare professionals on the front lines of the fight against the Chinese Coronavirus.

It’s just too bad that the Chinese sold the Italians their own personal protective equipment they had donated to China weeks ago. After China originally promised to donate these supplies.

I wish I was joking:

China’s efforts to rebrand itself as a global leader focused on humanitarian relief amid the coronavirus outbreak has hit a major snag and perhaps revealed Beijing’s true intentions behind their public relations blitz.

After telling the world that it would donate masks, face guards and testing equipment to Italy, China quietly backtracked and sold the Mediterranean country desperately-needed medical equipment, according to a report.

What’s worse is that the personal protective equipment (PPE) China forced Italy to buy was actually the same PPE Italy donated to China before coronavirus rushed its own shores and killed nearly 16,000 people.

“Before the virus hit Europe, Italy sent tons of PPE to China to help China protect its own population. China then has sent Italian PPE back to Italy — some of it, not even all of it … and charged them for it,” a senior Trump administration official told The Spectator.

Beijing taking advantage of Italy’s generosity and then flipping it into something more sinister is just the latest example of the country’s misdeeds amid the global outbreak.

I’m less than optimistic about the 1,000 ventilators New York managed to acquire from China given their track record.

China’s public relations team at the World Health Organization has invested a lot of time and energy defending their Communist masters. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has used his position as the WHO’s director-general to help rehab China’s image from a third-world hell hole where people with questionable hygiene practices eat trash animals to a world health leader supplying the West with the materials needed to beat the Chinese Coronavirus.

The American media has been complicit in this as well, dutifully running story after story that sometimes literally parroted Chinese Communist Party talking points. The Fake News media has attempted to portray China as a world leader fighting to save Americans and the rest of the world from the evil Orange Man Bad.

Reality, however, is literally the exact opposite of the narrative the WHO and the media have been pushing. China has spent the last few months lying and cheating the world out of its hard earned cash. How many lives has China’s faulty equipment cost? How many healthcare professionals around the world found themselves infected with Chinese Coronavirus after using sub-standard equipment produced by literal slave labor?

The world needs to stop buying this crap from China. Isolate and shun them. They don’t deserve a seat at the table any longer.


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